ptolemaicI truly believe it is our goal as evolving humans to continually better ourselves from a spiritual and philosophical point of view.  This means living our lives with continued mindfulness; thus facilitating more compassion, awareness and responsiveness to life and within our surroundings. A common thread in personal growth and spiritual evolution is living with an open mind. This means as high functioning individuals we need to be able to question authority and confirm what we learn from societal, political and spiritual points of view is valid information that aligns more with our True Nature and less with blind faith and ego.

It brings me to the story of Italian philosopher and scientist, Giordano Bruno. Born in 1548, Bruno is famous for his theories in astronomy; especially his challenges to Roman Catholic Church doctrines regarding the Earth and its place within the Cosmos. He is celebrated for his cosmological theories, which went even further than the then-novel Copernican model, proposing that the stars we see at night were just distant suns surrounded by their own planets; and moreover the possibility that these planets could even foster life of their own. He also insisted that the Universe is in fact infinite, thus having no celestial body at its center. These theories were labeled heresy by Church authorities and in 1600 Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for heresy. Who does that?

I cite this story and the story of Copernicus and Galileo because these were very strong, free, open minds in a very closed-minded society. Science and philosophy has evolved leaps and bounds over the last few centuries and yet certain organized religions have done little to amend their archaic beliefs today. I find that scary when you continue to see church doctrine and dogma interwoven in our schools, politics and community. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that religion is completely negative, but it does teach people to follow with blind faith instead of thinking for themselves. We need to think for ourselves if we ever want to evolve to the next level in human perception and responsiveness.

In order for humans to evolve spirituality and philosophically, we need to think with an open mind; free from the constraints of dogma and doctrine. Living and learning is an evolutionary process of facing challenges, gaining knowledge from our mistakes, questioning everything and thus being a product of maturity and wisdom from such experiences. We have to remain receptive to new ideas and always open to change on a daily basis. The theories that rankled the Catholic Church in the 1600s was the idea that God and his human minions were not the center of the Universe. I think no matter what we have proven scientifically over the centuries, we still have problems accepting that the world does not revolve around us. We are not the center of the Universe; we are merely part of something so immense, connective and beautiful it boggles the imagination.

It is imperative that we live with an open mind for it is the aperture of that open mind that connects us to this vast and impressive Responsive Universe.

John C. Bader

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Image: Ptolemaic geocentric conception of the Universe (Wikipedia)