Night and day… White and black… Life and death….    …So many polar opposites in life and yet one of the most all encompassing comparisons lies within your mind and mental functions: Ego versus True Nature…

What is the Ego? The Ego is your false-self; forged from societal immersion.  It is true; we were not born with an ego. Through our struggles, triumphs and challenges the ego builds its layers of invisible hard-wired behaviors, many times unknowingly.  The ego thrives on the ideals, beliefs, and laws of society and how we perceive ourselves within this society. These ideals color our perception of the world and of life. Our egos become the governing force from which we base our daily actions. The latter force of empowerment creates a false-self that, if unchecked, will foster negative self-esteem. Further, the ego can build this false confidence; though strong and seemingly indestructible, when the fleeting things that build your ego leave, fail or disappear (like money, friends and self-esteem) the walls the ego once built can come crashing down.

True Nature is the opposite of ego. True Nature is everything left behind when you are egoless. Imagine stripping away negativity, evil, fear, guilt narcissism and jealousy (all ego facilities)– what are you left with? Only love, wisdom and positive energy – the heartbeat of existence. The source and energy of our True Nature is born from the Cosmos. Within the Cosmos, quantum mechanics suggests that the behavior of matter and energy is interconnected and that the effect of the observer on the physical system being observed must be considered part of that system. Further, this connection with humans and the Universe explains why Karma and an afterlife are possible. From a scientific standpoint, this energy is dependable and unwavering. Quantum energy can also be defined as a life source that connects to everything that exists in the Universe: From distant stars and galaxies to microscopic atoms within your body. As proven in quantum mechanics, everything has a quality of interconnected energy associated with it. All of this energy is indestructible as energy cannot be destroyed, it just changes form. From a humanistic standpoint, this energy is positive in nature as it exhibits no fear, anger or negativity – these fore mentioned negative traits are of man’s making (ego). This positive quantum energy can include our thoughts, actions and the basis for our existence. It is the common denominator for everything that exists – the true definition of God. Indestructible!

The ego defines the “material world” we were born into and True Nature defines the alternate Universe that exhibits our “True Reality”; everything pure and unadulterated. True Nature transcends all religion and even this world; again, its energy is constant and indestructible. Knowing this breeds clarity and a responsive quality to our minds.

So which polar opposite are you more aligned with?


John C. Bader

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