universeIf you are new to this blog – then welcome! If you have been following the Responsive Universe for some time then you understand the premise of this “conscious Cosmos” we all live in: Every action and reaction is connected at the subatomic level. That includes your actions and mine as well.  In a Responsive Universe every thought, feeling and memory is linked to this tapestry that is our existence. Our energy is always changing and it can’t be destroyed; the power of God sits at our finger tips; the breath of mindfulness and clarity our compass; nature and silence our temple…

The premise of the Responsive Universe isn’t cult ideology or fringe science. This isn’t dogma or blind faith. Everything tangible and intangible is connected through waves and particles of energy. We are energy, our thoughts are energy and so are the words in this blog.  Quantum Physics and other related sciences shed light on these truths. One can interpret them as gifts and use such offerings to their benefit.  Others settle for archaic religious doctrine that tends to smother our spirit instead of rekindling it. Modern religion is but a snap shot of the bigger picture – Science, the power of God, you and I – we are all part of this immense puzzle that is the Responsive Universe. In short, we are the creator of our own destiny.  This tends to be an unnerving thought for many – especially those of religious faith. Wait, what? No omnipresent ruler in the form of man? Once you take the ego, dogma,  fear and mental conditioning out of the story of human spirituality you are left with two things mostly – you and this vast and beautiful Responsive Universe – a realm where our conscious energy interweaves into the fabric of the Cosmos – where anything is possible with the right mindfulness and energy…

I think we have all heard the old saying – practice what you preach… Well, I am certainly not a preacher and though I practice meditation and mindfulness, I am not perfect and never will be. I am fallible and malleable.  I make mistakes and I will continue to do so. It is not a perfect process but from our screw ups and the bad days that sometimes follow comes an education and wisdom. I have been applying this wisdom to my life for over 15 years. To be free from the constraints of ego and mediocrity we have to find a level of mindfulness and clarity that allows us to see past our own influences: Our parents, teachers, politics, the approval of others, materialistic addiction and even religion – discarding what only feeds our ego and this self-inflicted suffering we continue to subjugate ourselves to.  We need to strive for the things that make us whole with the goal of elevating this mindfulness; this vibration to a higher level. That is the goal of Self-Actualization.

Imagine if every thought mattered… Imagine all the thoughts that float and sometimes careen through your head. Have you ever stopped what you are doing to simply observe the mind and its facilities? The thoughts are endless aren’t they? Even when we sleep our brain is active, replaying old tapes and twisting our fears and desires into picture shows on our eyelids. What if you could control these thoughts? We are our own master right? What about negative thoughts? In a Responsive Universe what you think you project. Imagine the mind as a blank movie screen – you alone are the director; this is your movie; your story of life. What we project on this movie screen will also project out into the world. Quantum Physics explains with painstaking detail that our thoughts and energy react with the smallest features of the subatomic world – we are creating the fabric of the Universe – we are creating our own destiny. We are the hand of God… You are part of the equation; the definition of God and Universe. We are the creators of energy through thoughts and actions. Therefore it makes perfect sense to project positive thoughts and images on that movie screen. Positive thoughts and energy create positive actions. Positive actions will eventually return as positive reactions in a revolving Universe of cause and effect. You alone have the ability to create wealth, love and bliss in your life. You are the director of your life’s story and science now proves the connection to your thoughts and energy and how they affect your surroundings. Think about that… every time a negative thought enters your mind – imagine turning that thought around; taking the ego out of the equation and making something negative into something positive. The first step is simply being mindful of our thoughts and how they could be affecting our wellness. The next step is to begin making lasting changes to your thought process. The more positive energy you create the more positive your life will become. Such positive actions will come full circle with good karma; with your dreams being fully achieved. If you are going to have faith in something – have faith in the notion that you are your own creator – you are God in its many forms… That is not ego, that is True Nature

You are the director of your movie – your story of life. Why not write a feel good movie with a great ending? You never know, there could be a sequel


John C. Bader is a photographer, wellness advocate and consultant specializing in spiritual self-evolution, meditation, and bio-energy healing. In his writing, he bridges science with spirituality and provides steps to encourage more mindfulness in daily life. His new book, The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas is a step by step process on how to begin your very own Hero’s Journey.

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