The Responsive Universe

I have been discussing a more intimate approach to meditation here on WordPress.  Meditation or mindfulness is the key to self-evolution from a spiritual and personal level which is why I am spending so much time on the subject this week. To be mindful of the present, sans of ego is where the true magic arises. It is within those gaps of ego driven thoughts that reveals the wisdom, love and energy that is our True Nature. Earlier, we began with Meditation Part I. and Meditation Part II., where we discussed mindfulness as tool for self-actualization.  A good step forward is to label all the incessant thoughts that careen through our heads as guests: Treat them all neutral and do not get frustrated by the endless trail of thoughts; in fact, find amazement in how intricate and vast the mind is and find faith and energy that you are the master of this domain.  There are three areas…

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