kingprayer4n-7-webWhen we are born we are naked and vulnerable. Further at birth when we take those first few breaths; there is no evil, there is no racism, there is no religion or concept of God. As newborns we are like a blank canvas; free from social perception, ego, fear, anger, jealousy – even happiness. As newborns early existence is purely  based on subsistence strategies: Warmth and satiation the common denominator.

Other than certain gene precursors, it is society and culture that shapes us into the people we are today – good or bad; saintly or evil. Along the path of adolescence beauty is defined by society. Good and bad behavior is rewarded by the spoils of who is in charge with the most power. Blind faith governs most of our belief systems and people are soon divided by differences rather than united by our commonality.  And some people are more susceptible to this conditioning than others… ….And of course no one is perfect…

Blame big money corporations, close minded partisan news channels, religion and the powerful people who perpetuate this existence as a way to feed their own goals and agendas – rarely meeting our very own personal needs. Humans are flawed creatures; malleable like soft clay; easily molded to fit the form of ego, greed and power. Our needs, wants and desires are twisted and forged  to fit a specific trend or fashion, a specific religion or ideology – sometimes the message and goal so manipulated and bent no one is really sure what the original goal or message was. Anything pure and unadulterated has now been processed, prepackaged, made fun of, yelled at, occasionally hugged and kissed and then shown what is important socially by the few in power that control the collective masses with subliminal control patterns. And that is sugar-coating it….

But on a more visceral level, why do people kill and maim?

The answer to that is difficult. Humanity carries with it many variables so diverse and complex we see every facet of human action and reaction. Some actions are heartwarming and civic. Some actions are so atrocious and gut wrenching its hard to believe we all exist together on this sustainable rock called Earth as one human race. Money, greed, fear, ego and religion drive most of the violence and suffering on our planet. From terrorism to war, from famine to climate change, there is money, lobbyists and a powerful few driving the heartbeat of the world. Many ignorant and weak minded people buy into the lie – some so warped and diseased that they act on our worst fears. Still, there seems to be a disconnect when someone can justify picking up a gun and shooting up a building full of innocent people. This disconnection is rare but when it rears its ugly head it tends to shake us all to the core. I think these type of people have always existed but as technology and social media bind us as one breathing organism, such violence is amplified and the sorrow and pain cuts to the bone.

With all the hatred, pain, and war in the world, people often ask the question, “Why doesn’t God do something?” People are quick to send their prayers but is there a god listening? Is it all just hot air? The answer, however, is quite simple. Bad things happen and exist because of bad people. Likewise, good things happen because of good people. God is not a force that operates on a human level. It is egotistical to think that. God is the Universe, and the Universe is a system whose levels of operation still defy complete understanding. Quantum Physics is beginning to uncover our connections: The Universe does not have a human consciousness; instead, it creates an environment that allows for our independent, conscious thought. The power and energy of God is not contained in one supreme being, but rather, it is an instinctual energy that connects us all and that is everything and everywhere. Its quality is defined as True Nature. All humans are connected to this dynamism. Religions of the past and present are just antennae reaching up to understand and appreciate the Universe. The threads that make up this metaphorical tapestry that illustrates  you and I, God and Universe are all different colors woven together. Yet despite the differences in our explanations for creation and the world, we are all made of the same stuff—the Universe. Our differences within this tapestry of story and explanation, while colorful, are insignificant. We are all here on Earth with the same goal—to revel in the immensity of everything and carve within the Cosmos our own life of happiness and love, to weave our own tapestry, colorful and long.

When we come to realize we are all connected to this tapestry of energy, light and vibration you can see how terrorism and mass shootings shake us to the center of our being. In a way we are all connected to these acts of violence just like every atom and molecule is connected to its own kinship at the sub atomic level. There is no escape. In order to understand the violence we need to understand the source (hence my first three paragraphs). Our only foot forward is to counteract the violence, hate, division and greed with our own love, connection and positive energy. We can do this by living by example. There will always be hate in the world as long as humanity is malleable to money, greed and ego. We can however be mindful that there are other paths to follow. That compassion and love will always win over hate and oppression. All cultures and people need to remember that the moment we all took our first breaths as new born children, there was no hate, ego, racism and division. We were all naked; we were all a blank canvas. Thoughts and virtues were once pure and unadulterated before society, politics and religion twisted them into something less than authentic. I understand that terrorism and mass shootings are in a fucked up world of their own. Still, their extremist roots start somewhere and whether we like it or not, it has to do with whats going on in my first three paragraphs above…  So maybe ask yourself this… How malleable is your mind? You might not be a mass shooter and you probably couldn’t imagine anything so cruel;  but are you part of the problem or part of solution? Do you contribute to societies static or do you bring beautiful silence through celestial wisdom. Do you contribute to the machine or are you a free thinker? Are you a follower or are you able to forge your own path through the tangled forest that is life? These are valid questions…

There will always be storm clouds obscuring the warmth and sunlight but you can’t stop the sun from shining through eventually. Illumination will always find a way…. No matter how big a storm, the sun will shine again! We have to have faith in that notion. We are all connected. Every positive action and reaction does matter.

Image credit: Daily News

John C. Bader is a photographer, wellness advocate and consultant specializing in spiritual self-evolution, meditation, and bio-energy healing. In his writing, he bridges science with spirituality and provides steps to encourage more mindfulness in daily life. His new book, The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas is a step by step process on how to begin your very own Hero’s Journey.

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