Thanks for visiting the Responsive Universe! It is truly my hope that after reading this blog or even my book, the Responsive Universe some of your views and perspectives in life have changed for the better. Hopefully you have found new empowerment and now see the world as a beautiful place with plenty of space and synchronicity. It is not my focus to create any upheaval in your belief systems or to claim one system of thought as wrong or right. My focus is to combine the wisdom of other authors and philosophers like myself and humbly put into words a more palatable vision of this Responsive Universe we live in. I do want to ask tough questions about god and religion but I leave the answers up to you. Each of us has our own path to walk on this adventure in life and only you can answer life’s most intriguing questions. My focus is to propose a fresh viewpoint and hopefully create an environment that may produce small, subtle shifts in perspective. Eventually, when you make space within the mind, clarity will arise within that space and your inner voice will speak wisdom. It is from that wisdom that your answers will materialize. Please remember everything you need in life to find bliss, happiness and healing energy is already found within your True Nature; it is already found in you!

The fact that you have made the effort to visit my Responsive Universe domains (whether you bought my book or not) proves that the premise of the Responsive Universe may have opened new doors to your thinking and perception. It has created some interest… Maybe you have found the meditations and daily life practices to be beneficial. Maybe you like my Photos. Maybe you have made small shifts in your perception of life that has moved the pendulum of thought away from fear and fantasy, past and future; to a more mindful existence in the present. Being mindful of the present and finding clarity in the space you created is the evolutionary goal. You should be congratulating yourself because this thing call self-evolution is not an easy path. As you may have found, it is a continuous uphill battle. Yet, the enduring benefits of living in a Responsive Universe are innumerable. As days turn into months and months turn into years, a new person will emerge from that hollow shell of ego and false-self – a self-actualized you! Yet, if you found yourself on my Blog, Facebook or Twitter page and are still hungry for more; please join me as we enter the literary world of the Illumination of the Nine Mandalas.

John C. Bader is a photographer, wellness advocate and consultant specializing in spiritual self-evolution, meditation, and bio-energy healing. In his writing, he bridges science with spirituality and provides steps to encourage more mindfulness in daily life. His new book, The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas is a step by step process on how to begin your very own journey in Self-Discovery.

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