Our bodies want to find a balance – a connection to our True Nature. It is our ego and false-self that obscures this realm of wellness and betterment. By nourishing our bodies with food and exercise, meditation and positive energy we move closer to that realm of balance.


Recall the wisdom from previous writings that expands on the concept of True Nature. True Nature is a spacious vision to which we can all connect. This vision or energy within is indestructible and never fleeting. It is like the blue skies that are always present even if temporarily obscured by clouds. In order to connect to this True Nature our thoughts need to be completed centered in the present; sans of fear and fantasy, past and future. It is not about the past… that is gone… It is not about the future… that has yet to arrive… it is about what is going on right now… and now… and now… You see eighty percent of all your thoughts today were most likely replays of the past and day dreaming about the future; focusing on fear and fantasy… these thoughts may bring some form of instant gratification but they can also bring anxiety, dread and a cluttered mind… Almost everything that is not in the present moment is ego driven – your false-self. When you center yourself in the present or on a specific task like reading this blog the moment at hand is more authentic. The present moment is a magical gap between the past and future; a reprieve from mediocrity, apprehension and self-gratifying desire. Within those authentic gaps is this amazing connection to energy, relaxation, reverence and bliss. That is the balance… It is here in the present that thoughts slow, inspiration and awareness is fine-tuned and there is this heartfelt feeling that we are evolving in the right direction. – It is where you will connect to your True Nature and it is here in the present that your heart wish or inner voice will speak. Your inner voice is your ego-less instinct; your “true-self” that speaks wisdom and reveals an illuminated path to enlightenment. We all have this inner voice but the problem is that our egos voice tends to be louder. All those endless thoughts that are awash in your mind drown out the inner voice within. It is your inner voice that will guide you into the future soundly and confidently. This does not come easy but the more mindful you are the more you will slowly shift into this grand and welcoming Responsive Universe. Over time your mind will train itself to live in a Responsive Universe and then things like meditation and mindfulness will become second nature – much like breathing in and out. By centering your thoughts in the present you are creating space within the mind where wisdom and energy can arise.


How vast is your mind? Maybe it is infinite in its energy and capacity?


We have discussed the quality of space as it relates to our minds on many occasions.  Imagine the space it takes to hold the countless thoughts that race through our heads each day. Imagine the space it takes to hold memories, dreams, skills, and lessons. The tangible brain may seem small but the mind seems vast, maybe boundless?

Where do thoughts come from? Where do they arise within the mind? Can you pin point their source? Where do thoughts go? Does the mind have a border or perimeter? Close your eyes for a moment. The darkness seems like a small place doesn’t it? Now open your eyes and just like that your world has grown. But what about dreams? Your eyes are closed but here is this surreal and bizarre world that wakes up while you sleep. It seems anything is possible in the dream world. Yet these dreams exist in the same mind that manages your wakeful senses and thoughts. The concept of space reminds me of an interesting paradox. Look up into the clear night sky. Those stars you see are hundreds if not thousands of light years away. Even the closest star would take our most modern space craft 55,000 years of travel to just reach its orbit. There is a lot of space out there and based on Quantum Physics we are fundamentally connected to it all. This is a hard concept to grasp: The Universe, our minds and True Nature – a trinity of sorts that defines us and this world we live in; a Mandala – connected, revolving, endless, dependable and balanced.  The space that surrounds us and the quality of vastness within the mind is important to actualize. These qualities are connected to ways humanity is just now beginning to realize.

The goal is to recognize this space and eventually come to live within its boundless walls and unfathomable ceilings – to be free, mindful and connected to the energy and light that is this Responsive Universe. That is the balance we must find within and with out…

John C. Bader is a photographer, wellness advocate and consultant specializing in spiritual self-evolution, meditation, and bio-energy healing. In his writing, he bridges science with spirituality and provides steps to encourage more mindfulness in daily life. His new book, The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas is a step by step process on how to begin your very own journey in Self-Discovery.

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