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Talk about a Responsive Universe – Word Press has been a great outlet for blogging the last 8 months. I have been a long time member of but I do not get half the traffic, comments or exposure over there across town. Speaking of activity, there is one unique blog entry that I posted on November 30th, 2011 that seems to continue to enjoy amazing interest and traffic. It was titled “Can astrophysics prove that an afterlife exists?” Even 4 months later, this one post seems to draw more traffic than all other past posts combined in my statistics. It is clear I hit an emotional chord on this subject.

Well, don’t worry; I dedicated two full chapters to such discussions in my latest book, The Responsive Universe – due to see book shelves later this summer.  Still, what an amazing show of interest and support for a rather controversial topic: The Afterlife.  For centuries humans have left such dogma and trappings to the religious elite.  Yet, many of us see fundamental problems with religion and how it has managed and even mislead the masses the last few thousand years.  Let’s just say, it has not been a perfect ride across crusades, religious persecution and learned faith. It was only in the 1980s that Pope John Paul finally conceded a 350 year wrong in admonishing Galileo from his theories about Heliocentricity. With such archaic response, I think there are more people out there than just me who are not feeling warm and snuggly with church doctrine as it relates to heaven and the afterlife. I personally need something more concrete and that is why while researching my book, I turned to science – most notably, astrophysics.

There are now several strong theories within science that lead us to the possibility of an afterlife not based on God or blind faith, but unadulterated, unfettered science. Research in Near Death Experience, Black Holes and String Theory are just some of the contributing evidence that is out there that supports an afterlife. The same equations and musings Einstein pondered could later be the key to an afterlife. Remember, basic physics says this: Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it simply changes form. That in itself denotes existence in some form after mortal death. As science and evolution continues to progress, mankind will continue to see the intrinsic connections and vibrations that  make us whole – that unite us with the mysterious and unimaginable workings of a Responsive Universe.

John C. Bader

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