Modern science has now bridged its knowledge and truth with the realm of spirituality. As proven in the laboratory, just the act of observing elementary particles at the sub atomic level changes their characteristics simply through examination. Through the act of observing matter in its smallest form we find that our own energy, conscious thoughts and possibly even our DNA cellular structure interact with matter within our surroundings and beyond our surroundings. We are observing and we are the observation all in the same glimpse; all in the same breath.  The connections could be infinite! Yes, our conscious energy is shifting and changing the fabric of the Universe before our eyes.

This literally means that through our own actions and thoughts we are the forefront of creation.  At the sub-atomic level our energy interacts with our environment, changing it for the better or for the worst. This explains karma and this explains manifestation and the power of prayer. We can no longer consider ourselves and our lives as simply a blink of an eye in the history of time; or an atheistic anomaly. Science proves we are more than that… We also can no longer consider ourselves under the omnipresent rule of a God that controls our fate and destiny. Instead, we are at the forefront of creation; we are the creators; humans themselves wielding the power of God through our own actions and reactions. That is the essence of the Responsive Universe…  The connection to this dynamism is simple in concept but one of the most difficult human interpersonal challenges one will ever face. To connect to this realm of creation and oneness requires complete surrender of self to the present moment. This includes all thoughts and feelings associated with the ego. There is probably nothing more difficult and yet so rewarding. It is the secret to success and happiness. Being mindful of the present is an amazing gift. It sits on a metaphorical island paradise all by itself. Yet there is nothing desolate or negative about being rooted in the present –  With thoughts connected to what is simply NOW, one can find a surprisingly simple and unfettered gift. To be connected to the present, sans of fear and the past and future and fantasy; to be rooted in the present moment of life and your surroundings: This is the evolutionary goal of humanity.
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