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Imagine being a concrete road; so large and strong not even the biggest storm or largest earthquake could crumble down your highway. Imagine this road as your True Nature: A life source that is unwavering and indestructible; a facet of energy, born from the Universe, uninjured and steadfast. You were born with True Nature and you will die with True Nature; intact and dependable.

Now, imagine debris and refuse blowing in the wind. Empty water bottles, an errant box, plastic grocery bags and cigarette butts. This trash is the ego facilities of your mind: Blowing past your road of strength with anger, jealousy, narcissism, guilt and addiction…. Just like endless thoughts parading through your mind. An endless parade of crap blowing carelessly across your path; your road of life..

Be the road… not the trash….

Be the True Nature of your being and not the false-self driven by ego and society….


John C. Bader is a photographer, wellness advocate and consultant specializing in spiritual self-evolution, meditation, and bio-energy healing. In his writing, he bridges science with spirituality and provides steps to encourage more mindfulness in daily life. His new book, The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas is a step by step process on how to begin your very own journey in Self-Discovery.

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springAs I have stated many times, you can meditate anytime and anywhere. I can’t clarify this enough: Meditation is any type of mindfulness where you are centering your energy and thoughts in the present. This means you are not thinking about the past or the future; your fears and or your fantasies. It means you are not letting your mind run rampant with random thought trails. Instead, you are rooted completely in the present moment. What is happening right now…? and now… and now…? That is meditation and yes it can be that simple. It’s not that simple though is it? Keeping your thoughts centered in the present takes continued diligence and perseverance. Walking meditations (or even bike riding meditations) are a great way to remain centered in the moment while being mobile and aware of outside stimulus. The biggest difference between a formal sitting meditation session and a walking meditation is that your eyes obviously need to be open while walking and you are also taking in outside stimulus whereas in a formal sit down meditation you are taking in and processing mostly inside stimulus.

A sitting meditation allows you to completely settle into mind and body connecting the out breath with energy and awareness. It allows you to stretch those gaps between thoughts so that inner wisdom can well from within. A walking meditation draws from the same principles of inner wisdom but also incorporates the outside world. Especially in nature, there is a blend of inner tranquility with the tranquility and energy of our natural outside environment. Yes, you have to watch where you are going so you do not trip or run into something; but there is the added mindfulness of outside stimulus like wind and sun against your face, perhaps bare feet in the sand or grass; visual interest of light glistening off of dew in the morning or a vibrant sunset to the west. There is an added benefit to being fully present with mind and body and also connected to the environment around you. A bridge is crossed between inward and outward qualities of mindfulness which grounds you to your physical environment.

Make time to take a walk or bike ride in a local nature preserve or park, preferably away from scores of people. Less people can mean fewer distractions. Get lost in nature and your outside environment. Look up and be aware of the sky. Look down and be aware of the detail before you. Look out over the horizon and value the space around you and within you. Find silence in nature and your natural environment. Instead of random thoughts driving your mind, let your outer and inner environment drive the experience. Every time your thoughts stray, refocus on an element of nature.

                          Daily Life Practice

bikeDuring a walking meditation fears, worries and anxieties can surface as errant thoughts draw your attention away from the present. These might be just passive fears or anxieties but these wayward thoughts are taking your awareness away from the present. This is totally normal and some sessions will be more challenging than others. Thoughts may include how you are going to pay the rent or mortgage next month. Maybe you need new tires on the car. Maybe you forgot to mail that thank you letter to your friend. Yes, these are all important things but not in this moment. Not right now. Such worries will simply repeat themselves needlessly in your mind. Be mindful of unnecessary thoughts replaying in your mind. While outside, try this simple daily life practice during any meditative respite marred by thoughts of worry and anxiety: As a negative or worrisome thought arises in the brain visually imagine yourself pinching the thought with your fingers and actually placing it on a tree in the far off distance. I know, a bit strange but give it a try. That rent or mortgage is not going to get paid right now. Get creative, and place that concern on the peak of a house in the distance. Put the worry of future car repairs on that car moving away from you in the distance. Those unfinished tasks that you will undoubtedly complete later; attach to that cloud floating high above your head. Be mindful that there is so much space inward and outward. Place those worries, anxieties and fears away from you. These are symbolic gestures that will immediately create breathing space within your environment. See the space around you and visualize the space within you. Notice how when you make space for a worry it dissolves temporarily. Where did it go? Remember you can control your own space and thus your own stress levels. Be mindful that you are always in control and your only focus right now is the present; thus stretching those gaps between thoughts to allow inner wisdom to well from your True Nature.

John C. Bader

About the Book: www.responsiveuniverse.com

Now Available: Amazon    Barnes & Noble

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