fourthgodI personally feel today’s contemporary view on God and religion is this prepackaged vision of an incomplete revelation of totality. It’s like an antenna reaching up to the heavens above but only broadcasting one of many signals in the broad spectrum of the Universe (kind of like Fox  News).  Each of the planets many religions are unique to its own region and cultural evolution and yes each is very similar in its merits and basic message.  But what is this seemingly universal view of God as a Supreme Being?  On the outside, looking in I see distinct shades of inequality, a disconnect from self, increased fear and learned dogma when we do not see ourselves as equal to God. Buddhism leaves open the prospect of equality across man and spirituality – probably why Buddhist philosophy resonates so well with me.  So in my own spiritual pursuits, I have never been a big proponent of a Supreme Being. When I dig down deep within my gut, my intuition tells of a different story. It is the story of a vast and even infinite Universe of light, vibration and energy. The Cosmos is everything and broken down to the most common denominator, that is really the definition of God isn’t it? …..EVERYTHNG.  When we look at the word EVERYTHING we need to consider ourselves as part of this equation. You can look at the Universe and marvel at its impressiveness and power. Like the concept of God the Universe is infinite, creates life and is a place where anything is possible. We can see the Universe as this massive entity separate from humanity and consciousness or we can see the Universe and us as one – simply a product of each other. Humans considered separate from the Cosmos seem small, inferior and lacking but when we see ourselves as an integral and intrinsic part of the Universe it opens the door to a whole new understanding of self. Instead of relying on blind faith or others for salvation, the chalice of enlightenment exists within.  When we see ourselves as products of the Universe and the Universe as products of us we find new empowerment, fear dissolves and there is this feeling within that yes, anything is possible. This is an unsettling notion to religious leaders. To find God outside the Church or outside a specific religion would change the entire global social-political/spiritual model. The same people would not be in power after such a shift in perspective. Would there be less war? Would we unite more and join forces to abolish slavery, famine an inequality?

What is God?

God is a boundless orb, an infinite sphere; a Universe whose presence is felt by the mind and the senses. God’s infinite sphere has a center that is everywhere and a circumference that is boundless. God is an indescribable celestial consciousness that guides and directs all life in form and non-form. With this in mind, we know logically that books and rules cannot truly govern our faith. The Dalai Lama summed it up elegantly, “There are billions of people on this Earth, each with their own individual, spiritual needs. It seems we need billions of religions too.”

I personally do not need religion; only my own True Nature….

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