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Do we need god?

Talk about throwing caution to the wind! I guess that is a pretty controversial question isn’t it? People have probably been incarcerated, ostracized and even killed for such an outrageous question.  But think about it…  Wars have been fought in the name of god! It is pretty important shit, right?  Here is why I ask… I watched a show last night about black holes… I know; awesome night life right? 🙂

Basically there are two governing forces or laws that describe matter: Einstein’s general theory of relativity and then quantum mechanics. The theory of general relativity explains gravity as it relates to galaxies, stars and planets and quantum mechanics explains the physics of our microscopic world (atoms, molecules and energy). The two worlds are understood and beautifully explained and yet  live in separate but complimentary worlds; That is until we talk about singularity as it relates to the beginning of the Big Bang and the realm beyond the event horizon in black holes. It is then that our theories unravel and we realize we really only understand a small fraction of the workings of the Universe. For better or worse, I have always equated such unknowns as god’s country.  Do you want to understand god? Then you must first understand the Cosmos. Fair assumption right?

Here is a question: If we understood the working mechanics of the Universe would there be a need for God? Ancient religion and the loose concept of god were born from mans need to understand. As we continue to wrestle with age-old concepts of origin, death, afterlife and good verse evil – such musing reinforce the concept of god. Yet, if we understood where we came from and why things happen would the concept of god be necessary? These types of questions are what drive fear in the blind faithful. Without god, world order would collapse? Or would it? It is kind of a loaded question isn’t it? First, I have written many times that god is not something up in the sky and god is definitely not in the form of man (in fact, I do not even capitalized god) – I can’t think of anything more egotistical than comparing god to man or man to god. But, humans are pretty egotistical creatures – hence why the ego is so powerful. Maybe that is why there is also fear, war and this petty need to prove miracles and dogmatic explanations of our world.

Still, I am here to say there is a god or at least a working concept of god. And it is not what most people think god should be. There is probably going to be a lot of disappointed parishioners out there. But there lies the problem with our current understanding of god. The concept of god is worshipped and put on a holy pedestal. People follow and do not lead. Fear and blind faith are taught and people are divided by their short minded views. Is contemporary religion really working? Look at all the famine, war and religious strife in the world. It is all pretty sucky if you ask me. Still, when we think of god as an instinctual energy that surrounds us and is us then the concept of god becomes palatable.  God is everything – it is energy, gravity and quantum mechanics. God is prayer, meditation and karma. God is light and god is also darkness – it is everything. Once people realize this, there is this empowerment to lead and not follow. There is this genuine feeling that we are all connected and each of us has the power to make things better – in essence, the power of God.

Maybe someday, a scientist will unravel the mysteries of singularity. Born from our need to know will come equations that will explain where we came from and where we will go when we die. That pretty much sums up god as it relates to contemporary religion. The historical and religious trappings that surround our gods are really just gratuitous. God is about birth, life and death. Funny, so is the Universe. And when we crack the riddles that hold us hostage, there will still be a place for love, compassion, karma and energy – the true essence of God. Look inward and you will find god.

John C. Bader


I love when modern science applies to spirituality. I do not want to be a jerk here, but that is my biggest problem with organized religion –its laws and rituals are as archaic as the founders.  Trust me, I do not enjoy condemning religion – who am I to judge – I just feel there is so much more to explore outside of ancient texts and scriptures – there is a Responsive Universe that exists inside and outside of human experience and if broken down to a common denominator, it is vibration.


Vibration as it relates to energy begins with a microscopic atom. An atom has a nucleus surrounded by tiny electrons that rotate around the center much like planets orbit a star. This movement as subtle as it may be, creates a micro-vibration. Since everything in the Universe is made of atoms, matter and energy itself is vibrational in nature. Though one atom is small and insignificant, imagine a vast Universe composed of an unthinkable number of atoms all connected by gravity and sub-atomic physics. A symphony of energy…

Humans and the physical world we know of are connected to this dynamism. Further, actions and emotions are also connected to this matrix of energy and vibration. During sub-atomic experiments where matter is broken down to the smallest form, the act of viewing the process has to be considered part of the experiment due to the nature of connectivity through vibration. If thoughts, emotions, matter and energy are connected to vibration, then everything relating to thoughts, feeling, perceptions, and experience is vibrational;  vibration is relative to existence. Humans are unaware of this mysterious world because it sits just beneath the surface of our cognitive world. The human ear can only detect a small range of sound waves. Further, our eyes are also reliant on a small spectrum of visible light. There is so much more to sense and experience within the Cosmos that exists but is not detectable with our limited five sense. This is where our human biological development will evolve in the next million years – assuming we do not destroy ourselves first.

Science is just now beginning to uncover the intricacies of the Cosmos that extend well beyond our current scope and knowledge. The exciting notion is that we are all connected to this amazing tapestry of energy and vibration. It is okay if we do not understand the full system of order that created and operates the Universe – it is enough to know we are a part of something so vast and amazing it blows the doors off of contemporary religion and our modern view of the world. I do not know about you, but I am pretty excited. Such explorations will without a doubt uncover the secrets to karma, an afterlife and our true place within this amazing responsive and vibrational Universe.

John C. Bader

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