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What does that mean; Universal Love?

We talk about eating right, exercise and meditation all the time in the wellness community. What about Universal Love? Another facet of living healthy is being mindful of energy as it relates to the Universe. Finding your center in the beauty of it all… Universal love is a source of instinctual energy – the essence of God; it is everything…. Further, the light of all things created (the Universe); this dynamism of energy, vibration, life, and beauty – is universal love. Universal love is the positive Quantum energy that flows through the Universe – a Mandala of birth, life and rebirth…  Philosophically, universal love holds all things in the cosmos together – gravity, quantum physics and our instinctual, conscious connection to it all…  Love is where we come from and where we will return. It is the law of the Universe…

Too gratuitous and far-fetched…?

Understanding love in terms of the Universe opens us up to seeing that everything comes from one source, a natural order of life based on love and energy. That one source is the essence of God as it relates to the Universe. Love and God are interwoven in the beauty we see all around us. Staying centered and living a karmic life allows us to embrace love in all forms. Love improves your quality of life in all arenas. It builds strong self-esteem, facilitates intelligence, and, most importantly, feeds the inner-self with positive Quantum energy.

Seems simple enough?

Be aware of your constant streaming of thoughts including likes and dislikes. Let negative reactions be a trigger that it is time to find your center again. Hate, aggression, and envy are trappings of the ego. Turn away from these negative energies and focus on what is dependable and constant in life; your True Nature. Open yourself up to this universal love and have the clarity to shower it on others around you. Universal love is the gateway to bliss and happiness. The more you center yourself within, the more your life and surroundings will respond with good luck, good energy and illumination.

….Breathe in positive energy, breathe out Universe Love….

Three helpful tips to love yourself!


John C. Bader

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According to the Bible we were NOT born from nothing…. I am joking…. Lets discuss origin without man-made religion and blind faith interwoven in. ….Huh… I suppose some would consider scientific theories blind faith. I think the difference is dogma does not change and requires the continued belief of its parishioners. Dogma is a fixed, unchanging belief which can create problems when 2000 years pass and the same agenda remains un-amended. When that belief eventually dies (as all religions do) so will the dogma. How many people are worshiping RA the sun-god (still the longest standing religion born from ancient Egypt)?  Scientific thought and theory, though sometimes not a complete puzzle, has the ability to be affirmed, re-affirmed or completely re-theorized as we continue to discover our place within this grand Responsive Universe. Yeah,  I am cool with that….

When we start talking about the Universe in regard to scientific origin it becomes difficult as really we do not have words or equations that can explain such energies and form – especially “pre-Big Bang” scenarios. The latest TV edition of Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson does eloquently explain scientific origin to the fullest extent and it is worth watching. Quantum physics has been resolute in its efforts but there is still so much to learn – like for example how do we combine the worlds of gravity with sub atomic physics – something we have yet to define in equations. From a philosophical standpoint it seems everything is in the form of a Mandala (a revolving circle of inner and outer energy) – whether there is a birth, death and re-birth of new life; whether there is the season of spring which turns to summer, autumn, winter and then back to spring again; karma revolves from actions to reactions as do energy vortexes and chakras. Even storms rotate as do planets, galaxies and cell structure. It seems there is also a beginning, an ending and then a new beginning (regeneration). From a philosophical standpoint the Cosmos would react the same way: Birth (Big Bang) and then death which again would give way to a new birth or Big Bang (over the course of billions of years).

According to the Big Bang, literally the Universe expanded from nothing; a pinpoint of energy so dense math barely supports its ancient existence. There is a paradox here that suggests a more precise definition of nothing.  Nothing is a property where there is no mass, no energy, no space, no time, and no life. One would think that in order to have something as vast and tangible, even if it goes beyond the limits of our observations, as the Universe, it could not spring from nothing, but instead have simply changed form to become the Universe we study today. This thinking puts a spin on that age-old paradox – there is no such thing as nothing; there is just everything. Nothing, or our pre-Big Bang state of nonexistence, the number zero, an ego-less state of being in balance with the Cosmos, is part of the Mandala or revolving circle that seems to govern life.


No matter how you look at it, some unknown phenomenon sparked the imbalance that allowed for the possibility of life on Earth. Imperfections in the Universe, the upset of matter over antimatter, provided just the right variables to create conscious life. The concept that imperfection and imbalance are essential to creation is poignant in our lives as conscious, creative beings. As imperfect beings, often striving for “the good life” and perfection, we have created so many amazing things. Yet here we are at the age of enlightenment, so flawed that we have war, economic meltdown, and climate change. Still, there is an imperfect beauty to the whole equation – the birth of a baby, a perfectly sunny day, positive energy and love – these are all attributes born from the interstellar chaos that is the Universe. Within the Universe’s imbalance, there are perfect synchronicities that show us the world can be surreal and idyllic.

It seems that perhaps imperfection as the essential force to the birth of the Cosmos created a world where the way of paradox is the way of truth. Night and day, feast and famine, life and death – the list of paradoxes that govern life seems endless, and ever since we had language, we have spun narratives to explain them. We still seek answers for the greatest paradox, that from nothing came everything, and with detailed scientific explanation still leaving a hole in the narrative of what happened before that first  10-43 second, we continue to look at reasonable conjecture and religion to fill the gap. But maybe there is no gap. There may appear to be a beginning and an ending to every phenomenon in life because that is the way we explain them as stories.

A different explanation to consider is that the truth of paradox isn’t finding the balance between opposites; it is finding the revolving circle that binds them. In other words, there isn’t just simply life and death; there is life and death and a re-birth of life. This narrative still leaves a gap in understanding who or what force set this cycle of life in motion; but the important feature of the Universe it highlights is that we have been born into an amazing Cosmos, and we are all linked to this web of energy that is immense and ever-expanding. This web of energy is our True Nature. No matter how small or insignificant we may be compared to the vast and intricate workings of the Universe, we are still connected and part of the equation. On one side, we have the Universe. On the other, we have ourselves. Not a balanced equation by any means, but the Big Bang shows us that with imbalance, comes a great potential for power and creation. Something to think about….


John C. Bader

Edited by Kim Dzwonkowski


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We do not question if the Sun is going to rise tomorrow

for it is something we can depend on.

Much like blue sky, rain, love and eventually cessation;

a revolving Mandala of life;

our connection to True Nature….

The Responsive Universe is a path to infinity.

A bridge to the sublime…

Here in the material world: Rationalization born
from misinterpretations?

Created by our parents and mentors; or someone else’s distorted perceptions.

Is blind faith interwoven for our eye’s to see? Is it fact or fiction?

Or just plain stupidity?

Archaic religious virtues – vestibules of another century

Its misguiding agenda haunts modern philosophy:

….Corrosive and contagious

Yet, high above the storm clouds stands a renaissance of reasoning

Found on the road to evolution and mindfulness;

some find it, yet many never will

The right answers sought by a few

A pulse fed by pure thinking.

The clarity of an open mind;

energy, love and light…


Is it the movement of the future?

That nobody really knows

Because personal destiny

Is for one to see…

An intimate journey

with a path to infinity…


John C. Bader

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Karma has relatively the same meaning as the “Golden Rule”:

“Do unto others as they would do to you”.

This concept exceeds biblical history and dates back to some of the earliest vestibules of human history. Examples of statements that mirror the Golden Rule appear as far back in humanity to Ancient Egypt. An example would be the story of The Eloquent Peasant which is dated to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (c. 2040–1650 BC). Clearly this is not a new concept.  Blind faith does not drive the concept of Karma either. Science,  especially quantum physics, weighs heavily in favor of Karma. Because we live in a revolving Universe of matter and energy, in theory, where something begins in the world, will eventually be the place where it also ends. We see this relative similarity in the rotation of planets and galaxies; even our seasons begin where they end and so on. This concept supports the mechanics of karma in regard to energy: For every action there is a reaction in some form or function. No matter which race, creed or society. No matter what the belief may be; karma exists separately as a law of motion. Every action, thought or intention is measured by vibration and energy – rippling out like a stone cast in a calm pond. The ripples will reach the ponds edge and contrary to belief they will reverberate back to the source.




“Karma is not something complicated or philosophical. Karma means watching your body, watching your mouth, and watching your mind. Trying to keep these three doors as pure as possible is the practice of karma”.     – Lama Thubten Yeshe 

Karma emphasizes a maintained pattern of behavior based on one’s intrinsic sense of right and wrong and desire to be responsible for one’s own actions. Unlike religions where sins or wrongdoing can be forgiven or admonished, karma is true justice. There is no recourse with karmic energy – once an action or ripple of energy is created, nothing can stop the impending sequence of events. No matter what, any action will be met by another event. This law of action transcends all creeds and culture – it is inescapable.

Our Mantra of the Month is: “Breathe in Positive Energy, Breathe out Good Karma”….


John C. Bader

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Some of us find it hard to love ourselves. What does that really mean to love ourselves? It can be easy to find faults in who we think we are. Maybe you are unorganized or have bad habits. Yeah, join the club! Maybe you get stressed out easy or are being medicated for depression and or anxiety. Maybe you wish you were healthier or more fit and lean. Maybe you do not like crowds or being the center of attention.  Most of this self-loathing is rooted to our egos and false perceptions. It makes us want to be someone else or we mentally berate ourselves as if we are unworthy and unlovable;  many times unknowingly. I catch myself berating my own ego (false-self) for the paths it unknowing takes me on at times. But here I am beating my own self-worth up because the ego is a part of me whether I like it or not. Molded by society the ego is an extension of who I am much like a mirror image is just that – a projection of my entity.  It is one thing to love who you are and it is a completely different thing to love what you are. There is a fundamental difference to be actualized. Our perception of who we are is rooted in societal pressures, what we see on television, Facebook, etc. Our happiness is regulated by self-esteem and the approval of others. This sets us up for failure and ultimately suffering.

Yet, there is another kind of love… In fact, there is another way to love yourself; and this other kind of love transcends all the passive chaos that envelopes planet Earth. We are products of the Universe and thus are born from quantum positive energy. There is a quality to this that is pure and unfettered. We are the sons and daughters of vibration, light and love and that is something no one can take away from you. Our energy is indestructible. This is our True Nature, vast, boundless and reliable. It is easy to love yourself when you look at where the source of our being is rooted (True Nature). Your True Nature is an instinctual energy that connects us to everything inward and outward. Find ways to connect to your true-self with simple actions: Look up at night and marvel at the stars. Appreciate silence, nature and the love for a pet or child. This is a love that is all-powerful and unchanging. Put your confidence into this type of love and soon you will realize all of your shortcomings in life, all of your bad habits and self-loathing are just products of a self-esteem driven by ego. Such worries and deceptions will seem trivial and unnecessary once you find empowerment from an inner source. We all have problems and challenges and we always will… So, find love for what you are – energy, love and wisdom; and do not let your false-self govern your happiness. Our problems and challenges should not define us. After all, when we are all dead and gone so will the ego and its inner conflicts. Yet, our True Nature will live on – energy changing form!

There is nothing confident and steadfast about our egos. Much like money, the ego comes and goes and for many it regulates our happiness and suffering. The more control we take away from the ego, the more we connect to the steadfast vision that is our True Nature. Love what you are (a product of the Universe born from love and energy) and happiness and confidence will root itself in your life. Once you have this unadulterated confidence of what you are, soon your perspectives in life will change. Soon you will make little changes in life like eating better, exercising or getting more organized. Soon, very soon, you will connect that love of what you are and who you are as one – A quality of oneness bathed under the light of self-actualization and enlightenment.

Once you love yourself for what you are, you will begin to love yourself for who you are. Once one has reached this milestone in life, our work is not finished. Now, it is time to love others and find compassion for those still in need. Love is powerful and is the connection between the Universe and humankind. Find it, be it; and love it…


John C. Bader

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michelemeicheSometimes we can be too caught up in ¨being aware¨ that we aren’t actually in the present moment and really living.

The practice of ¨being aware ¨mindfulness¨ is taken too far when we are always pausing to be mindful. In actuality mindfulness is a practice. It is a form of meditation that with deliberate practice is to then allow us to be more completely in the present moment; to then be able to ¨respond¨ to the vicissitudes of life and interchanges that take place in the present moment.

When we live only from a place of awareness we are in a sense “over- thinking” our life.  Awareness is an important step, process; and in fact tool for life. It can be looked at as a spiritual tool, as a type of meditation and definitely as a beneficial life tool. However, when we are doing a Contemplation Meditation, Vipassana, or Dhyana we are in a form of duality. We are observing our thoughts, actions and/or those of another person. Observing implies separation. We separate out to observe as we move into the “Witness State” or the “Detached Observer”. In this state we can gain great insight and awareness; however in living in this state we are not in the present moment. To observe one is reviewing and not viewing.

I know many people in their meditation practice that over rely on moving into awareness before action. This can be a “good” thing; however like any “good” thing taken to far it becomes a hindrance and even a crutch. If in your life you are afraid to respond, then you are not trusting your own Inner Guidance and Inner Knowing; which over time becomes more seamless from a good meditation practice.

One of the purposes of a “Mindfulness Meditation” is to then move into a space of being where you are more mindful – more aligned, tuned into the Higher Directive of your Inner Knowing. This aspect of your being is seamless to the Universe and the energy of The All That Is; or some may term God…. This is the part of you that remembers, knows and lives by your interconnectedness to the All That Is and Resonant Fields of the All That Is. This part is aligned and attuned to the oneness of everything and everyone within the Universe.

It may sound contrary or counter intuitive to suggest that there can be too much “mindfulness”. However, when we remember that meditation is oneness we can then begin to understand that at some point we need to move more from the practice to living, being and responding. This requires an understanding and trust from what we have received from our practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a “meditation practice”; however the “meditative state” is just that – a state of being. Even though there truly isn’t a “goal” in meditation it could be said that a focus or use of meditation is to move a person into living more in the meditative state of oneness.



Michele is a guest writer for the Responsive Universe. She has also written this great piece on Mindfulness.

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Breathe in positive energy… Breathe out Credibility….



I have been thinking a lot about credibility lately. As a wellness writer and blog contributor I have a moral obligation to “practice what I preach”.  I really should not be seen eating at fast food restaurants everyday of the week when I promote juicing and eating organic foods. The same can be said about how I carry myself in the public or around my family:  My decisions and actions should be karmic and mindful; sans of ego, anger and jealousy. It is a tight rope to walk because as anyone knows, working toward self-discovery and social/spiritual evolution is a full-time job. We all need to be continually mindful of the present – always aware of our thoughts; always re-directing our mind processes away from the past and future, fear and fantasy; rooted to a more authentic existence.  Yeah….   ……It’s not easy.

That leads me to the notion of credibility. Credibility is a multi-faceted concept: Of course there is social credibility – how the public perceives your actions and contributions and then there is inner-credibility – how you perceive yourself. This quality of inner-credibility is just as important and is the focus of this article.

I have been meditating a lot lately – some of it formal meditation but much of it involving walking or bike riding meditations (which I find as inspiring and also physically good for you as well). The concept of inner-credibility is a huge factor in meditation. As your mind begins to wander, many of those thought trails it follows deals with unresolved issues, worries and even regrets; in essence, you’re inner-credibility and how you perceive yourself. It is a bit like self-esteem but more authentic.  I find that when a concern or regret arises in my mind (especially during meditation) it is a trigger for me to take action. As an example, I have not been keeping in touch with a specific relative and I actually feel a little guilty for not being more responsive. It is not that I do not like this person, it is just that I am busy and such intentions seem to continually slip to the wayside. Yet, it is this lack of responsiveness that causes me to passively suffer; and in meditation, that same nagging thought arises from nothingness to interrupt a peaceful session. There are many things that can cause us worry and anxiety: Money, jobs, health, relationships, addictions, lack of conviction – just to name a few.

The point is, I have found that when I clear the slate and take care of those mindful nagging things that need attention – I am more centered in life. I have less to worry about and I have found my meditations  to be more satisfying. When you have less to worry about, you feel better. We can’t control the many challenges that come our way, but we can clear the “in box” at work and scratch a few things off the “to do list” at home so we can relax and feel better about ourselves. It takes a little extra work but the results are empowering. It might be as simple as saying “thank you” to the right people… Or “I love you”…. You know what you need to do!

Focus on that inner credibility because when your house is clean on the inside, it will reflect the same qualities on the outside. Our Mantra of the Month is Inner Credibility:

“Breathe in positive energy… Breathe out Credibility….”

John C. Bader

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I have always been a backyard astronomer. Even as a small child, my love for the stars and the cosmic unknown have been a lifelong interest.  I possess a couple of telescopes including a 10” diameter Dobsonian telescope. It looks like a large cannon and it might even embarrass my wife a little when I drag the 65lb beast out in the back yard on a clear night. I even blog about the various deep sky objects I find – though I have not been very active lately.


earlycosmosDeep Sky Image – Courtesy of NASA

A couple of years ago a seemingly uninteresting but historic image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope offering a glimpse of what scientists are calling the oldest object so far discovered in the Universe – a young galaxy. Well, let me rephrase that; it was a young galaxy. A pixellated blip on a black background, its light signature is estimated at 13.1 billion years old and its light is just now reaching our eyes.  Scientists estimate that the galaxy was 600 million years old when the light of this object began its journey across the Universe toward us. Its ancient light is just a ghost now. Why? Because even though its light is now reaching us, its birth and death is ancient history. Crazy to fathom huh? Remember, when looking at star light, one is really looking back in time as it takes millions if not billions of years for star light to travel across the Cosmos and reach Earth. Interestingly enough, our planet or even our Milky Way galaxy did not even exist when this distant galaxy was formed. Looking at light signatures of cooling hydrogen gas, astronomers can determine the age of stars based on the heavy metals present in that light signature. Coupled with Red Shift, we can determine how far and how old a specific star or group of stars is. The deeper you look to the edge of the Cosmos, the farther you are looking back in time. Current estimations age the entire Universe at approximately 13.7 billion years old.  Newer images recorded by the European Space Agency’s Planck satellite, show a heat map of the cosmos as it appeared only 370,000 years before the Big Bang!


Artist Image by Gary Tonge

This means that we could be close to taking our first glimpse of the edge of the Universe and the theorized Big Bang! But then what? Is this the birth of God as defined by the Universe – the creation and source of energy? The beginning of time as we know it? Will we finally get a snap shot of the Big Bang as proven through Red Shift, Doppler Effect and the background radiation still present today? What exists beyond the edge of the Universe? Another Universe? A Multi-Verse? Make no mistake; this is the final frontier from a scientific, philosophical, religious and spiritual point of view. Knowing what exists beyond the edge of the Universe might hold the key to EVERYTHING. It may even prove or disapprove the theories that govern theology and all that exists within this amazing Quantum Universe now. Though, maybe such concepts are not meant to be understood. Maybe we are not intelligent enough to fully value and contemplate such musings? Look how dogma rules civilization now; a short-sighted view in a Universe that might be infinite. Are we ready for such discoveries and knowledge? If life’s biggest secrets are unlocked, will we be all-knowing? Well, that sounds kind boring. After all, without dreaming and contemplation, what are we to marvel at? How is one to exist in a world that does not have any unknowns? What would be left to live for and ponder?

Trying to imagine the vastness of the Universe is a bit mind-boggling. Still, I enjoy looking up at the clear night sky; at the glistening stars, knowing I am looking back in time. It makes me feel a part of something much more grand than just our fallible Earth. It is hard not to feel a connection with the bigger picture – that we are indeed a small but conscious and instinctual part of this grand and impressive Responsive Universe.

John C. Bader

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Imagine that your True Nature (true-self) is a starry sky on a clear night and your ego (false-self) are the clouds that obscure our clear views; often joined by emotions they foster – anger, jealousy, fear and anxiety. Yet if we understand that our True Nature, like stars, is constant and unchanging, we can understand that the clouds that sometimes obscure them are temporary. The clouds can bring storms, even violent and turbulent tempests, but we know clouds pass, and our storms of emotions can pass too. Our True Nature is the indestructible essence of illumination, love, wisdom and positive energy. True Nature is the true governing force of life. It sits just below the surface of the ego-driven world.

There isn’t a more cancerous emotion than the negative energy of ANGER. The essence of anger is the direct opposite of True Nature…

In most cases, anger is met with anger. When someone angers you, your first response is usually to strike back as a way of protecting yourself from this combative situation. Once the ego is involved, there is a social pressure to return someone’s anger with a measured response. Whether we yell , plot revenge or just harbor negative thoughts, there is no proactive solution when we act or think in pure anger. Anger is a useless emotion that only muddles and confuses the mind. When you are boiled over in anger, constructive thought is absent. Anger can also intensify suffering and even consume your peace and tranquility. It can close you off from situations entirely. Anger can create the darkest clouds that obscure the True Nature of your mind. Ironically, when your mind is full of anger, it is you, not your target, who suffers most. Be mindful of this….

What happens when you get a flat tire on the way to work? Do you get frustrated? Do you get angry? In such situations we have to ask ourselves why we are getting angry. We cannot control a flat tire or the many challenge that come our way… SHIT happens…. Getting angry about something is a primitive way to deal with situations whether personal or social. Anger typically does not come from the object or person involved – it comes from you! It comes from within! Be mindful when you feel anger arise from within. It is your false-self welling up; it is clouds obscuring the clear sky of your mind…

Breathe in Positive Energy, Breathe out Anger…


John C. Bader

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Modern science has now bridged its knowledge and truth with the realm of spirituality. As proven in the laboratory, just the act of observing elementary particles at the sub atomic level changes their characteristics simply through examination. Through the act of observing matter in its smallest form we find that our own energy, conscious thoughts and possibly even our DNA cellular structure interact with matter within our surroundings and beyond our surroundings. We are observing and we are the observation all in the same glimpse; all in the same breath.  The connections could be infinite! Yes, our conscious energy is shifting and changing the fabric of the Universe before our eyes.

This literally means that through our own actions and thoughts we are the forefront of creation.  At the sub-atomic level our energy interacts with our environment, changing it for the better or for the worst. This explains karma and this explains manifestation and the power of prayer. We can no longer consider ourselves and our lives as simply a blink of an eye in the history of time; or an atheistic anomaly. Science proves we are more than that… We also can no longer consider ourselves under the omnipresent rule of a God that controls our fate and destiny. Instead, we are at the forefront of creation; we are the creators; humans themselves wielding the power of God through our own actions and reactions. That is the essence of the Responsive Universe…  The connection to this dynamism is simple in concept but one of the most difficult human interpersonal challenges one will ever face. To connect to this realm of creation and oneness requires complete surrender of self to the present moment. This includes all thoughts and feelings associated with the ego. There is probably nothing more difficult and yet so rewarding. It is the secret to success and happiness. Being mindful of the present is an amazing gift. It sits on a metaphorical island paradise all by itself. Yet there is nothing desolate or negative about being rooted in the present –  With thoughts connected to what is simply NOW, one can find a surprisingly simple and unfettered gift. To be connected to the present, sans of fear and the past and future and fantasy; to be rooted in the present moment of life and your surroundings: This is the evolutionary goal of humanity.
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