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From self-published to traditionally published; this is PART I. of a blog series detailing the evolution of my new book published by Wisdom Moon, titled: The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas.

More than a decade ago, I wrote a self-published work which I affectionately called The Sixth Tier, A Handbook to Enlightenment. Good luck trying to find it now! It was composed of six chapters which focused on various ways to search and find self-actualization in a world of indifference. I wrote this book in response to a series of life changing epiphanies or awakenings that engulfed me in 2001. After hitting rock bottom after the still birth loss of my first child and namesake, I found a new and enlightened vision of the world we live in. I truly believe you sometimes have to hit rock bottom before you can evolve to the next level of consciousness. Sadly though, my new-found awareness was quickly besieged by ego and false-self, which unfortunately muddled my True Nature. 10 years ago, I understood  how the Universe worked and my place within this grand dominion, but I was far from releasing myself from the perils of ego and false-self. In hindsight, the Sixth Tier reflected a lot of this anger and ego in small refined levels.


The Sixth Tier, 2001

The Sixth Tier did get an offer from a small independent publisher but I decided to have it self-published instead. I was hesitant to accept the publishing offer for several reasons. First, I was going to have to sign away the rights of a book that I put my heart and soul in. Secondly, I was not finished with the whole body of work – I knew deep down this was not my best foot forward; there was room for improvement. Due to the pressures of ego and other false perceptions, I rushed the entire writing process. It became more about being a published author and less about the final product; an error in hindsight. There are many good elements to The Sixth Tier, but it was not a completion of the process – it did not reflect my life’s work. Thus, at the end of The Sixth Tier I wrote, “To be continued”.

Since 2002, I have studied Buddhism extensively and I have continued to put to work the many ideas and concepts found in my first published effort. One of my decade long goals was to bridge science with spirituality and meditate on a daily basis. More than a decade later I have emerged as a much more complete person. I have challenged my false self and settled into a new-found notion of True Nature – an unwavering energy found within that is driven by a Quantum Universe. Over the years I have toyed with new ideas and wrestled with old philosophical quandaries. About three years ago a new-found inspiration encircled me. I began to rewrite The Sixth Tier as it should have been years ago and in 2011 I again self-published the rewrite now known as the The Responsive Universe – Meditations and Daily Life Practice (recently pulled from the shelves).

I was a little disappointed I could not get the Responsive Universe printed by a traditional publisher. I am sure many of you know how tough it is to be a published writer. Even after self-publishing the RU, I actively pursued handfuls of smaller wellness and boutique publishers. I did not lose faith! I was successful in getting several articles published by MindBodyGreen and All Things Healing. My social footprint on Facebook and Twitter grew as well. Eventually through luck and my own positive manifestations, the RU was picked up by Wisdom Moon Publishing in 2013. Wisdom Moon Publishing is a boutique publisher with an emphasis on wellness, mindfulness and philosophy. It was a perfect fit!

book cover

Now Available

About the Book:

We all have within our grasp the ability to wield the power of quantum energy as it relates to the Universe and our intrinsic True Nature. Based on science and inspired by Buddhist ideals and new world philosophy, the Responsive Universe will lead the reader into a world of self-discovery, karma and wellness.. By following the creative and insightful meditations and  daily life practices, you will begin to free yourself from a false-self that may unknowingly govern your actions and reactions; the result being a spacious new vision of your true-self: A boundless vision bathed under the liberating light of self-actualization and enlightenment.

In Part II. of my journey toward publishing the new and improved Responsive Universe – Why this book is different and how it will change your life much like it changed mine….

John C. Bader

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9dalai091814Can insecurity be your friend? Kind of an odd question isn’t it. I would imagine we all harbor insecurities in some facet; maybe sometimes unknowingly.  You know, the concept of enlightenment is just that… a concept. We can all understand what enlightenment means. My understanding includes endless bliss with no suffering: Buddha Nature… That is just it, Buddha Nature is a concept and not necessarily a place that exists within reality. Now, you may be thinking, “well, shit, why have I been reading your dumb blog?”. Hey, even the Dalai Lama has bad days. No one is free from the perils of conflict, challenge, loss and emotional and physical pain. It is part of life. The polar opposites of pain and bliss coexist so that we can find some sort of middle ground in this thing called life. The idea is to understand that we do in fact live in a Responsive Universe and that our goal is to be mindful of the concept of enlightenment and balance that with our ego and false-self.

So, how can insecurity be your friend?

Experience has shown that we need to push ourselves to be better. Most of the world it seems is walking down hill – following – taking the easy path. Yet self-discovery and social evolution requires you to walk up hill. One such shift in perception is putting yourself out there to be appreciated and discovered. When the ego is involved, there are complexities involving fear, guilt, shallow self-confidence and insecurity. These superficial emotions are not who you are. Underneath the shell of a reality that society has molded is your True Nature – unadulterated and unfettered. When you connect to your true-self, void of ego, you find true empowerment – authentic fulfillment. The idea is simple… Be mindful when you feel insecure…. It is a road sign in life to change direction… Do something different that challenges you to leave your shell and break the chains of insecurity.

But how do we get to this level of space and clarity? By pushing yourself – By walking up hill instead of down hill. You will know you are shifting your thoughts and actions in the right direction when you feel naked and insecure to those around you. That is your ego intervening – saying you are not good enough in the eyes of others. Again…. This insecurity you feel is not who you are – only a distorted reflection. A good rule of thumb in life is this – if you feel insecure or if making a positive change in your life seems abrasive or difficult; If there is internal insecurities that arise from within, then you are challenging your ego. This is good! Once you fulfill a seemingly uncomfortable task like publishing your writing or art, breaking up from a toxic relationship or quitting that dead-end job to pursue college – whatever your advancement, if it is a little abrasive or difficult, odds are that means you are on the right path. Be mindful of this and create the space inward and outward to make small but positive changes away from insecurity and into the warm bathing light of self-confidence.

John C. Bader

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The Universe gave birth to all known elements that exist here on Earth. A simple chemical circumstance; born from basic elements like hydrogen and carbon, led to the origins of life on Earth. The right mixture of compounds, light, temperature and natural electricity (lightning) is all that is needed to create the building blocks for cellular structure. These early compounds were the ancestors of DNA. Gravity brought various molecules together to form the first cells which then became more complex elementary compounds. It took hundreds of millions of years for the first tiny plant like organisms to sprout, giving off oxygen. We as humans are a thread that connects back to the first cells that inhabited Earth billions of years ago. Humans are a survivor of adaption and evolution.  It has not been a perfect process. Still, 14 billion years of cosmic evolution can breed many possibilities; especially when there are basic life building elements like water, carbon, oxygen and light available for the Responsive Universe to dabble with.


 “We are the product of 4.5 billion years of fortuitous, slow

biological evolution. There is no reason to think that the

evolutionary process has stopped.”

–  Carl Sagan

Humans continue to evolve today. Over the course of the next few thousand years there will be shifts in our development both biologically and socially. Will adaptation and natural selection weed out the weak and unnecessary? I thought long and hard about this philosophical quandary and at first my heart settled on the notion that people who are connected to the sublime energy that is our surroundings and the Universe; people with mindfulness, compassion and a giving nature would evolve to the next level in our human story – leaving behind those that live through greed, fear and ego to eventually wither away. One facet of evolution is how animals tend to breed with other animals that appear strong, attractive and healthy. In humanistic terms, when I think of strengths I think of people living through their True Nature and not their ego. My idea of strength is fighting for what is right, helping others, gaining wisdom and offering love and compassion to those in need. Strength is fighting our compulsions and addictions and not being a slave to our control patterns. Logic would serve that people who are searching for self-actualization would be more likely to carry on their genes generations later; mainly due to the energy and vibration they may surround themselves with. Yet, who continues to hold on to the power?  War Lords and dictators, religions based on blind faith and greedy corporations that control our food and money. It is kind of fucked up….

All we have is history to look back on. For hundreds of thousands of years man has evolved leaving behind the Stone Age to be greeted by the Modern Age. Still under the social static of dogma and progression is this human instinct to dominant – For thousands of years there has been war as stronger tribes or nations weed out the weak manipulating and raping resources along the way. What does this mean for our evolution? What does this mean for our social evolution? What does this mean for our species?  I got to be honest and say that my gut tells me our evolution is a path to human extinction. With climate change, war, global starvation and water and natural resources being plundered, the future does not look positive. Granted it will take another 1000 years to destroy ourselves but we are off to a good start – especially the last century.


For hundreds if not thousands of years, there have been philosophers, light workers and philanthropists that humbly give and do not selfishly take – yet this is a minority that though noble, is not something that has evolved into our commonplace society. Why? Our world has always been ruled by a powerful few that controls the masses. I know in my heart and soul that giving, compassion and love is the true path of our evolutionary existence, but will this path lead to a holistic utopia or will greed and gluttony send us on a path of extinction?

In many ways evolution (especially social evolution) is a personal choice. We all have choices to make on even the most personal levels: Eating right and exercising; meditation and expanding our minds – connecting to nature and the sublime energies that created the Universe. These acts of progression lead to a more self-actualized future. It is our obligation to teach our children the same virtues. If an environment fosters the capacity for change, then adaptions will foster the evolution of species. As environments change, so do the creatures that inhabit it. Change is relative and if the right surroundings are present, then anything can happen. The birth of humans and our conscious thought is proof of that…

So, as we continue on with our human experience we are faced with two veering paths. One is a path of mediocrity, wrought with conflict and suffering – the path of ego. And then there is the difficult path up hill that leads to wisdom, compassion, space, clarity and responsiveness. It is a path that leads to self-actualization… It is not the easier path, but when we listen to our inner voice and not the ego that many times unknowingly governs existence, there is another world to be discovered – a Responsive Universe….

…and so I trudge forward on my own path of human, social and spiritual evolution….

John C. Bader

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

You are not alone.  Many friends and clients have said they are feeling overwhelmed right now.  I am right there with you too.  This past month if not longer, time seems to be moving faster, opportunities are growing, projects to be completed are increasing, and the flurry of activity seems to be everywhere and growing at light speed.  It has been challenging.  I searched for and tried many different techniques to handle everything on my plate.  What I discovered is the power of two seemingly opposite ideas:  discipline and letting go.

Discipline is the obvious choice for handling chaos.  The more things get out of control, the more one needs to be disciplined in their actions.  This is a time for routine, checklists, scheduling, and time management.  This is a time to be aware of distractions and to recommit one’s focus to what is important.  This is a time to maintain those practices which aid execution and resist the easy bandage quick fixes which actually slow things down.

This is also the time for letting go.  Let go of the idea you need to do it alone.  Let go of the idea that you are solely responsible for the results.  Let go of any emotional investment in the outcome.  Let go of the thought that it has to be hard.  Let go of the attitude that it is too much.  Let go of thinking that once this is all over then you will relax.  Let go of the belief that you have to put your life on hold to take care of the tasks at hand.

Discipline and letting go are both about focus.  To be disciplined one needs to determine what is important and what is not.  Then one needs to let go and release those things that are not important.  Staying focused on what is truly desired provides order and a clear picture of what really needs to be completed.  It is important to judge what is important by what you want to experience.  Don’t choose an outcome as those are always changing and shifting.  Instead choose what is important for you to be and feel.   Stay focused on the larger goal of the effort not the individual tactics.  The individual tactics will always shift but as long as they are still moving you toward your larger goal, all is good.

Discipline and letting go are about listening to your needs.  When things get busy, it is an easy choice to give up those things that are for our well-being in exchange for time to accomplish something of value.  Let me be clear.  Taking care of your self is the highest value.  Do not give up lunch for a meeting.  Do not give up your exercise routine to make more time for work.  Do not exchange good healthy food for quick and easy junk food.  Trading what is good for your well-being may give you a temporary boost in productivity, but it will not last.  The healthier you are, the more clear and productive you are.  I often quote Gandhi who said, “There is so much to do today.  I must meditate twice as long.”  The better we take care of ourselves, the more we can accomplish.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed.  Regain your discipline.  Note your true priorities.  Ensure your daily practices of self-care are in place.  Then let go of everything else.  You can only accomplish so much.  Trust you will finish what truly needs to be done by you at this time.  Oh, and don’t forget to breathe.

– Melissa Heisler




What is this feeling… this connection….

This instinctual energy that wells from within

Love, energy and vibration married as one…

Simply a particle of consciousness in an infinite sea

So small and insignificant and yet whole and complete

The child of my soul smiles as wisdom’s wind breathes at my back

The aperture of my aura widens

Natures view sharpened

Sublime beauty surrounds me

…boundless  and responsive

Attuned to the Universe;

If only for a moment….

John C. Bader

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fourthgodI personally feel today’s contemporary view on God and religion is this prepackaged vision of an incomplete revelation of totality. It’s like an antenna reaching up to the heavens above but only broadcasting one of many signals in the broad spectrum of the Universe (kind of like Fox  News).  Each of the planets many religions are unique to its own region and cultural evolution and yes each is very similar in its merits and basic message.  But what is this seemingly universal view of God as a Supreme Being?  On the outside, looking in I see distinct shades of inequality, a disconnect from self, increased fear and learned dogma when we do not see ourselves as equal to God. Buddhism leaves open the prospect of equality across man and spirituality – probably why Buddhist philosophy resonates so well with me.  So in my own spiritual pursuits, I have never been a big proponent of a Supreme Being. When I dig down deep within my gut, my intuition tells of a different story. It is the story of a vast and even infinite Universe of light, vibration and energy. The Cosmos is everything and broken down to the most common denominator, that is really the definition of God isn’t it? …..EVERYTHNG.  When we look at the word EVERYTHING we need to consider ourselves as part of this equation. You can look at the Universe and marvel at its impressiveness and power. Like the concept of God the Universe is infinite, creates life and is a place where anything is possible. We can see the Universe as this massive entity separate from humanity and consciousness or we can see the Universe and us as one – simply a product of each other. Humans considered separate from the Cosmos seem small, inferior and lacking but when we see ourselves as an integral and intrinsic part of the Universe it opens the door to a whole new understanding of self. Instead of relying on blind faith or others for salvation, the chalice of enlightenment exists within.  When we see ourselves as products of the Universe and the Universe as products of us we find new empowerment, fear dissolves and there is this feeling within that yes, anything is possible. This is an unsettling notion to religious leaders. To find God outside the Church or outside a specific religion would change the entire global social-political/spiritual model. The same people would not be in power after such a shift in perspective. Would there be less war? Would we unite more and join forces to abolish slavery, famine an inequality?

What is God?

God is a boundless orb, an infinite sphere; a Universe whose presence is felt by the mind and the senses. God’s infinite sphere has a center that is everywhere and a circumference that is boundless. God is an indescribable celestial consciousness that guides and directs all life in form and non-form. With this in mind, we know logically that books and rules cannot truly govern our faith. The Dalai Lama summed it up elegantly, “There are billions of people on this Earth, each with their own individual, spiritual needs. It seems we need billions of religions too.”

I personally do not need religion; only my own True Nature….

Further Reading: God as it relates to the Responsive Universe


John C. Bader

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What does that mean; Universal Love?

We talk about eating right, exercise and meditation all the time in the wellness community. What about Universal Love? Another facet of living healthy is being mindful of energy as it relates to the Universe. Finding your center in the beauty of it all… Universal love is a source of instinctual energy – the essence of God; it is everything…. Further, the light of all things created (the Universe); this dynamism of energy, vibration, life, and beauty – is universal love. Universal love is the positive Quantum energy that flows through the Universe – a Mandala of birth, life and rebirth…  Philosophically, universal love holds all things in the cosmos together – gravity, quantum physics and our instinctual, conscious connection to it all…  Love is where we come from and where we will return. It is the law of the Universe…

Too gratuitous and far-fetched…?

Understanding love in terms of the Universe opens us up to seeing that everything comes from one source, a natural order of life based on love and energy. That one source is the essence of God as it relates to the Universe. Love and God are interwoven in the beauty we see all around us. Staying centered and living a karmic life allows us to embrace love in all forms. Love improves your quality of life in all arenas. It builds strong self-esteem, facilitates intelligence, and, most importantly, feeds the inner-self with positive Quantum energy.

Seems simple enough?

Be aware of your constant streaming of thoughts including likes and dislikes. Let negative reactions be a trigger that it is time to find your center again. Hate, aggression, and envy are trappings of the ego. Turn away from these negative energies and focus on what is dependable and constant in life; your True Nature. Open yourself up to this universal love and have the clarity to shower it on others around you. Universal love is the gateway to bliss and happiness. The more you center yourself within, the more your life and surroundings will respond with good luck, good energy and illumination.

….Breathe in positive energy, breathe out Universe Love….

Three helpful tips to love yourself!


John C. Bader

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According to the Bible we were NOT born from nothing…. I am joking…. Lets discuss origin without man-made religion and blind faith interwoven in. ….Huh… I suppose some would consider scientific theories blind faith. I think the difference is dogma does not change and requires the continued belief of its parishioners. Dogma is a fixed, unchanging belief which can create problems when 2000 years pass and the same agenda remains un-amended. When that belief eventually dies (as all religions do) so will the dogma. How many people are worshiping RA the sun-god (still the longest standing religion born from ancient Egypt)?  Scientific thought and theory, though sometimes not a complete puzzle, has the ability to be affirmed, re-affirmed or completely re-theorized as we continue to discover our place within this grand Responsive Universe. Yeah,  I am cool with that….

When we start talking about the Universe in regard to scientific origin it becomes difficult as really we do not have words or equations that can explain such energies and form – especially “pre-Big Bang” scenarios. The latest TV edition of Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson does eloquently explain scientific origin to the fullest extent and it is worth watching. Quantum physics has been resolute in its efforts but there is still so much to learn – like for example how do we combine the worlds of gravity with sub atomic physics – something we have yet to define in equations. From a philosophical standpoint it seems everything is in the form of a Mandala (a revolving circle of inner and outer energy) – whether there is a birth, death and re-birth of new life; whether there is the season of spring which turns to summer, autumn, winter and then back to spring again; karma revolves from actions to reactions as do energy vortexes and chakras. Even storms rotate as do planets, galaxies and cell structure. It seems there is also a beginning, an ending and then a new beginning (regeneration). From a philosophical standpoint the Cosmos would react the same way: Birth (Big Bang) and then death which again would give way to a new birth or Big Bang (over the course of billions of years).

According to the Big Bang, literally the Universe expanded from nothing; a pinpoint of energy so dense math barely supports its ancient existence. There is a paradox here that suggests a more precise definition of nothing.  Nothing is a property where there is no mass, no energy, no space, no time, and no life. One would think that in order to have something as vast and tangible, even if it goes beyond the limits of our observations, as the Universe, it could not spring from nothing, but instead have simply changed form to become the Universe we study today. This thinking puts a spin on that age-old paradox – there is no such thing as nothing; there is just everything. Nothing, or our pre-Big Bang state of nonexistence, the number zero, an ego-less state of being in balance with the Cosmos, is part of the Mandala or revolving circle that seems to govern life.


No matter how you look at it, some unknown phenomenon sparked the imbalance that allowed for the possibility of life on Earth. Imperfections in the Universe, the upset of matter over antimatter, provided just the right variables to create conscious life. The concept that imperfection and imbalance are essential to creation is poignant in our lives as conscious, creative beings. As imperfect beings, often striving for “the good life” and perfection, we have created so many amazing things. Yet here we are at the age of enlightenment, so flawed that we have war, economic meltdown, and climate change. Still, there is an imperfect beauty to the whole equation – the birth of a baby, a perfectly sunny day, positive energy and love – these are all attributes born from the interstellar chaos that is the Universe. Within the Universe’s imbalance, there are perfect synchronicities that show us the world can be surreal and idyllic.

It seems that perhaps imperfection as the essential force to the birth of the Cosmos created a world where the way of paradox is the way of truth. Night and day, feast and famine, life and death – the list of paradoxes that govern life seems endless, and ever since we had language, we have spun narratives to explain them. We still seek answers for the greatest paradox, that from nothing came everything, and with detailed scientific explanation still leaving a hole in the narrative of what happened before that first  10-43 second, we continue to look at reasonable conjecture and religion to fill the gap. But maybe there is no gap. There may appear to be a beginning and an ending to every phenomenon in life because that is the way we explain them as stories.

A different explanation to consider is that the truth of paradox isn’t finding the balance between opposites; it is finding the revolving circle that binds them. In other words, there isn’t just simply life and death; there is life and death and a re-birth of life. This narrative still leaves a gap in understanding who or what force set this cycle of life in motion; but the important feature of the Universe it highlights is that we have been born into an amazing Cosmos, and we are all linked to this web of energy that is immense and ever-expanding. This web of energy is our True Nature. No matter how small or insignificant we may be compared to the vast and intricate workings of the Universe, we are still connected and part of the equation. On one side, we have the Universe. On the other, we have ourselves. Not a balanced equation by any means, but the Big Bang shows us that with imbalance, comes a great potential for power and creation. Something to think about….


John C. Bader

Edited by Kim Dzwonkowski


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We do not question if the Sun is going to rise tomorrow

for it is something we can depend on.

Much like blue sky, rain, love and eventually cessation;

a revolving Mandala of life;

our connection to True Nature….

The Responsive Universe is a path to infinity.

A bridge to the sublime…

Here in the material world: Rationalization born
from misinterpretations?

Created by our parents and mentors; or someone else’s distorted perceptions.

Is blind faith interwoven for our eye’s to see? Is it fact or fiction?

Or just plain stupidity?

Archaic religious virtues – vestibules of another century

Its misguiding agenda haunts modern philosophy:

….Corrosive and contagious

Yet, high above the storm clouds stands a renaissance of reasoning

Found on the road to evolution and mindfulness;

some find it, yet many never will

The right answers sought by a few

A pulse fed by pure thinking.

The clarity of an open mind;

energy, love and light…


Is it the movement of the future?

That nobody really knows

Because personal destiny

Is for one to see…

An intimate journey

with a path to infinity…


John C. Bader

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Karma has relatively the same meaning as the “Golden Rule”:

“Do unto others as they would do to you”.

This concept exceeds biblical history and dates back to some of the earliest vestibules of human history. Examples of statements that mirror the Golden Rule appear as far back in humanity to Ancient Egypt. An example would be the story of The Eloquent Peasant which is dated to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (c. 2040–1650 BC). Clearly this is not a new concept.  Blind faith does not drive the concept of Karma either. Science,  especially quantum physics, weighs heavily in favor of Karma. Because we live in a revolving Universe of matter and energy, in theory, where something begins in the world, will eventually be the place where it also ends. We see this relative similarity in the rotation of planets and galaxies; even our seasons begin where they end and so on. This concept supports the mechanics of karma in regard to energy: For every action there is a reaction in some form or function. No matter which race, creed or society. No matter what the belief may be; karma exists separately as a law of motion. Every action, thought or intention is measured by vibration and energy – rippling out like a stone cast in a calm pond. The ripples will reach the ponds edge and contrary to belief they will reverberate back to the source.




“Karma is not something complicated or philosophical. Karma means watching your body, watching your mouth, and watching your mind. Trying to keep these three doors as pure as possible is the practice of karma”.     – Lama Thubten Yeshe 

Karma emphasizes a maintained pattern of behavior based on one’s intrinsic sense of right and wrong and desire to be responsible for one’s own actions. Unlike religions where sins or wrongdoing can be forgiven or admonished, karma is true justice. There is no recourse with karmic energy – once an action or ripple of energy is created, nothing can stop the impending sequence of events. No matter what, any action will be met by another event. This law of action transcends all creeds and culture – it is inescapable.

Our Mantra of the Month is: “Breathe in Positive Energy, Breathe out Good Karma”….


John C. Bader

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