Nature is and always will be our cradle of birth, the story of life and the doors of cessation that greet us all. Nature is a wellspring of energy, wisdom and wellness. Have you found a connection with Nature? Not just a connection, but an intimate connection…  Most likely if you subscribe to this blog or are mindful of this Responsive Universe we live in then you probably have forged your very own personal bond with the natural world… Think about it… We are part of nature: Made of the same elements, minerals and water. We are born from this environment and when we die we will return to nature. There is a natural energy source that binds us to Nature – a connection to the Universe as one.

“Nature has been for me, for as long as I can remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure and delight;  A home, a teacher, a companion.”   – Lorraine Anderson

Great quote from writer Lorraine Anderson… It  is a simple quote and yet it encompasses all facets of nature and our human and even spiritual connection to our natural environment. Once you find this relationship and understand the positive energy associated with nature we can take our journey to the next level.


Within nature is every tool we need to succeed  as happy, mindful, spiritual creatures.  We rely on nature for our survival as a human species and from a more philosophical standpoint, we rely on nature to connect to our True Nature: The pure, unadulterated energy and thought humans possess completely void of ego and false-self. In Nature we can find the silence that lies between our thousands of thoughts that careen through our minds every day. From silence wells wisdom and positive energy.

“Through you nature becomes aware of itself. Nature has been waiting for you, as it were, for millions of years.  Nature can bring you to stillness. That is its gift to you”.  – Eckhart Tolle

John C. Bader is a photographer, wellness advocate and consultant specializing in spiritual self-evolution, meditation, and bio-energy healing. In his writing, he bridges science with spirituality and provides steps to encourage more mindfulness in daily life. His new book, The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas is a step by step process on how to begin your very own Hero’s Journey.

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