There was an article in the USA Today newspaper on Monday that caught my eye. That’s right, I actually read the newspaper. Further, I love USA Today – it has everything I want and nothing I do not want.

Anyway, getting back to my point; I read an article by Tom Krattenmaker talking about the “doomsday hype about this supposedly wayward generation” – He is talking about this latest generation of “Millennials” that are now just heading into their early adulthood – you know, the future of America. Mr. Krattenmaker actually defends this generation by saying “different does not mean devoid”.

There are some sociologists and outspoken religious people that worry our newest generation of adults are lacking god and immersed in immoral behavior that is centered on alcohol and sex. Not sure anything has changed there? Ever heard of the 70s? Ever heard of the roaring twenties? The fact is there are always bad apples in any generation – ever heard of Hitler or Charles Manson? Still, all generations have their Albert Einstein’s too. Really nothing has changed in regard to our youth – just a different decade. What has changed is society and technology. Our youth is evolving to meet the needs of this new computer/instant gratification driven world.  As we all get older, we tend to lose touch with the youth that has filled in the ranks behind us. Still, we see reflections of this new guard in our own children and family.

From my standpoint, yes society is changing –the world is changing. Still I do not see a godless, incompetent generation maturing to their twenties. My daughter is 23 years old and is going to school and working in what is the most oppressive and challenging economy since the “Great Depression”. She is working her ass off and I am very proud of her. My college days were a lot less stressful.  Further, my 10 year old son just got an A+++ on his Colonial ABC project – Eat your heart out Ben Franklin!

Society is evolving but that is not a bad thing. Those that focus on the bad all the time are simply back-sliding into an unpalatable world. Still, it’s an illusion. Believe what you want; there is always good behind the bad. There is always blue sky behind the clouds. Many times it is just your perspective that wears rose-colored glasses.  Take those glasses off and see the world for what it is – a Responsive Universe.

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