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Head and heart

Our bodies consist of an advanced bundle of cells and energy connected to create this network of life, feeling and emotion. We are a conduit to something fantastic and sometimes unimaginable; a Responsive Universe…. Our bodies are our best friends. We need to listen to our bodies signals – wellness is the only true focus. Are you listening?

Please check out my latest article published at MindBodyGreen which focuses on listening to our bodies and how we can positively respond to those signals…

Do You Listen To Your Body’s Signals?

John C. Bader

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The following is a recent article I wrote that was published

 this week at mindbodygreen.com. It is titled Pause, Breathe, Be Mindful…

I hope you enjoy it

Have a great weekend,

John C. Bader



Positive energy…. A dynamism from within

Brought forth by action, a veering path from ego

Born from the present where mindfulness brings space

Such space acquires clarity and it is such awareness that

Creates positive energy; a birth of responsiveness

that permeates even the coldest skies

An energy that transcends all earthy trappings

An energy based on love and compassion

that feeds the essence of our soul and True Nature

A step forward in evolution

Eyes wide open

Visualizing self-actualization

A special thanks to my friends at MindBodyGreen for posting my blog on

Positive Energy. Check it out at MindBodyGreen.com 

John C. Bader


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