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I have written in the Responsive Universe how dreams and the afterlife could be connected. It is a theory I think about a lot. I thought we could explore this idea more –

Like the concept or dogmatic idea of Heaven and Hell, the dream world is a place where anything is possible… Anything…. The dreamscape is a place where we can visit dead friends and relatives, where a quadriplegic can walk and where our deepest desires, fears and energy are revealed and even distorted and magnified. I have even mentioned to those who have bad dreams on a regular basis; that this could be an unconscious barometer as to how positive your life and karma really are. If you have good dreams most of the time then you are exhibiting positive energy, actions and reactions in everyday life – of course the opposite could mean necessary changes in life are required to shift the pendulum of energy to a more positive existence. I truly believe there is a connection between how we project ourselves in life and how the dream world mirrors such energy. Could the afterlife be a similar mirror or dimension? Good dreams equal Heaven and bad dreams equal Hell?

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is a brain chemical,  a structural analog of serotonin and melatonin, that is released in minute quantities during various levels of dreaming. It is also released at the time of death as sort of a pleasure chemical. Is there a connection? Near Death Experiences reveal similar stories that transcend religion and creed illustrating a warm healing light and a place outside of our own being. Is this a snapshot of the afterlife or just pleasure chemicals?


And what about brain death? We understand that brain activity can continue minutes (or longer) after clinical death. Could this be the DMT? We also understand how time within in a dream is not relative with conscious time. Could a second of dream illusion be an eternity of experience? Is this the afterlife? I think we need to dig deeper…

We understand that energy cannot be destroyed even after death. Recent evidence in the mechanics and the singularity of Black Holes illustrates the point that even though matter is stripped down to its basic electrons, neutrons and protons (like at the event horizon of a black hole), the information and energy contained in those electrons, neutrons and protons is not destroyed and possibly transferred through quantum energy exchange. Death would be similar as our bodies return to their source: Energy and the information that defines energy…. Possibly the information that defines us as instinctual and conscious energy sources continues on in some form or facet… The question is… In what form? Perhaps reincarnation? Perhaps we exist in another dimension as String Theory could suggest. Or perhaps death is a “White Hole” (the opposite end of a black hole) and we become our very own Big Bang – reanimating into a new form of energy? Will we retain our memories? My instinct says no which can be disheartening to many… My gut also tells me it will not matter…

Think of our being as an energy footprint (a soul);  an orb of quantum energy inside a physical body, and our physical brain is actually a way for our body to interface with the Responsive Universe and perceive conscious existence…  When we die we lose this conscious connection and return to our indigenous unconscious state we were before we were born. We are returned to energy: Energy, the common denominator of the Responsive Universe…

We all understand that death is a threshold we all will pass through. Death is inescapable… Religion has created its own fear and love for death but in reality death is as relative as birth. Death is part of our existence; a rite of passage. It need not be feared and in fact could very well be the most beautiful and empowering experience of life. In fact everything is relative isn’t it? From Spring comes Summer, Autumn and then Winter. Clocks rotate, storms rotate, our planet rotates, galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars rotate – wouldn’t life rotate too? A beginning, an ending and a new beginning. Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth…. Energy cannot be destroyed – it only changes form. And who knows, the dream world could be a window into something sublime. The more positive your dreams, the more positive is your energy footprint that can carry over as information in those electrons, neutrons and protons.

Buckle up, your greatest adventure lies somewhere in the inescapable future…

I am cool with that….

John C. Bader is a photographer, wellness advocate and consultant specializing in spiritual self-evolution, meditation, and bio-energy healing. In his writing, he bridges science with spirituality and provides steps to encourage more mindfulness in daily life. His new book, The Responsive Universe – Illumination of the Nine Mandalas is a step by step process on how to begin your very own Hero’s Journey.

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A really good question was directed to me during a recent newspaper interview for my book release – The Responsive Universe, Meditations and Daily Life Practices.

The question was: How do you define an “Awakening”?

I actually found that this question was difficult to fully answer – especially with the questioning party awaiting a comprehendible answer. During the interview I tried to find words to describe such an experience and few words were available to capture the sublime energy that surrounds such an event.

I did a little research on the subject and found that there are varying definitions and varying degrees of awakenings depending on the person and situation. An awakening is basically a spiritual arousing that includes the complete dissolution of one’s identity as a separate self with no trace of the ego driven mind remaining to govern our actions. In Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, he describes his awakening as a jarring event that immediately stripped his ego away to the point that he was somewhat disconnected from his previous self (false-self)  and even reality as he used to see it – a complete departure from the “ordinary world” we live in. That is an intense awakening!

Then there are awakenings that come in waves or as epiphanies that are more subtle and palatable to the human consciousness. These types of awakenings tend to evolve over time into something authentic. Though the ego is not entirely dissolved, there is a new shift in perspective and energy that over time is self-actualized.

I have read that for many to experience such an event there needs to be intense suffering or some sort of traumatic experience that may spur or trigger such an event. I have seen documentation that NDE (Near Death Experiences) or even deep meditation can trigger such an event. In my book, I even theorize that spiritual legends like Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha underwent awakenings – later to be interpreted as their specific culture found fit.

I experienced an awakening about 12 years ago on a cold November day at the beach. It had been about six months since my wife and I buried our full term still-born boy and I was struggling with depression, dependency, lack of faith and shallow self-esteem. I remember the day vividly as I was sitting on the beach pondering my life. My awakening was subtle but also an immediate realization of a reality different from what I always believed to be true. I like to call this different reality a “True Reality”, sans of ego. For a moment, I was egoless and felt an energy and existence that transcended any previous experience. I would have other awakenings months later including one while driving out in the country. Waking up from my ordinary life and seeing how things fit together has propelled me forward to fulfillment. It was like getting a download from the Universe. The knowledge and wisdom I gained wrote the Responsive Universe. I did not study this stuff – it came to me in an awakening. This quality of knowing is like seeing 20/20 for the first time. This vision, the awareness, and the feelings sound like they would be jarring and intense, but my awakenings felt like a pleasant windfall. I immediately knew how to act and react to challenges and stress. I had a new openness and clarity with life. Things were brighter and clearer. Even my most challenging problems seem to be palatable. I guess the best way to explain my awakening is to imagine living under a veil of clouds your entire life. You suspect that there is something warm and positive behind those clouds because on certain days you can feel the warmth permeating from behind the grey. Then imagine one day the sun parts from the clouds and warmth and light shower down on you for the first time EVER. It is an amazing feeling!

The problem was, the static of life would return and quickly close off this new found world. Fear and ego would quickly return to smudge out this new found light. Through meditation and mindfulness, I am able to return to the light but it takes effort and though everyday gets easier, it is an uphill climb. I wrote the Responsive Universe in an effort to share this knowledge and even create a simple path for others to follow. I penned Nine Mandalas (chapters) that in effect shed light on a path less trodden that will lead to a shift in perspective – I live in the Responsive Universe everyday and my life has completely transformed into something so much more authentic. The gifts are there for everyone, we just need to awaken to the possibility that…. anything is possible…

John C. Bader


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Talk about a Responsive Universe – Word Press has been a great outlet for blogging the last 8 months. I have been a long time member of blogspot.com but I do not get half the traffic, comments or exposure over there across town. Speaking of activity, there is one unique blog entry that I posted on November 30th, 2011 that seems to continue to enjoy amazing interest and traffic. It was titled “Can astrophysics prove that an afterlife exists?” Even 4 months later, this one post seems to draw more traffic than all other past posts combined in my statistics. It is clear I hit an emotional chord on this subject.

Well, don’t worry; I dedicated two full chapters to such discussions in my latest book, The Responsive Universe – due to see book shelves later this summer.  Still, what an amazing show of interest and support for a rather controversial topic: The Afterlife.  For centuries humans have left such dogma and trappings to the religious elite.  Yet, many of us see fundamental problems with religion and how it has managed and even mislead the masses the last few thousand years.  Let’s just say, it has not been a perfect ride across crusades, religious persecution and learned faith. It was only in the 1980s that Pope John Paul finally conceded a 350 year wrong in admonishing Galileo from his theories about Heliocentricity. With such archaic response, I think there are more people out there than just me who are not feeling warm and snuggly with church doctrine as it relates to heaven and the afterlife. I personally need something more concrete and that is why while researching my book, I turned to science – most notably, astrophysics.

There are now several strong theories within science that lead us to the possibility of an afterlife not based on God or blind faith, but unadulterated, unfettered science. Research in Near Death Experience, Black Holes and String Theory are just some of the contributing evidence that is out there that supports an afterlife. The same equations and musings Einstein pondered could later be the key to an afterlife. Remember, basic physics says this: Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it simply changes form. That in itself denotes existence in some form after mortal death. As science and evolution continues to progress, mankind will continue to see the intrinsic connections and vibrations that  make us whole – that unite us with the mysterious and unimaginable workings of a Responsive Universe.

John C. Bader

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Is there a need to prove that miracles exist in this modern age of science and reason? Is there validity in regard to the miracles of Jesus? Is there a need to prove miracles?

Probably not as many people already believe in miracles across many religious faiths. Earths existence born from hydrogen, carbon and amino acids is in itself a miracle. Many consider childbirth and the evolution of man a miracle. The gift of conscious thought is a miracle. Therefore it is not necessary to validate miracles, even those of Jesus.

….and what about Jesus? Jesus Christ was a special person with unique visions. Taking dogma and parables of divinity out of the equation, it is safe to say Jesus had a religious awakening – most major religions speak of such awakenings or Kundalini experiences. Depending on the level of enlightenment, a person can theoretically become one with spirit – even see visions of grandeur so different than that of a common man or woman. Independent testimony of “Near Death Experiences” (NDE) has also shed light on a similar phenomenon illustrating that people who undergo an awakening or NDE experience have aligned themselves with their souls and True Nature.

It’s interesting to note that Jesus was persecuted for his teachings and was crucified for his beliefs. And even today, when someone quite possibly has their own spiritual or Kundalini awakening, no doubt they would also be persecuted for claiming that he or she was the messiah or the “Chosen One”. It happens all the time with cult-like groups.

If you read my blog then it is no surprise that I am a critic of organized religion. I feel it creates more problems than it solves both on a personal and social/political level. Still, it is important for cultures to believe as they wish, free from persecution, profit and social manipulation – it’s their prerogative. It is called freedom of mind. This freedom of mind is the sovereignty to question authority and be free to speak our minds without discrimination. Only until recently, has this social environment been available to western culture. In places like the Middle East, freedom from religious persecution is still a major problem, especially for women.

Now that I am on a Jesus kick, next time I want to touch on how early Christianity may have been more Buddhist than people thought. I love to stir the pot with religious controversy!

John C. Bader


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