I read in the newspaper the other day that 31 people (mostly friends and family) died at a funeral service at the hands of a suicide bomber in Pakistan. These innocent people were paying their final respects for a tribesman who publically opposed the Taliban. Some misguided religious zealot crept into a peaceful funeral service with explosives strapped to his body, detonating a powerful explosion – the result, 31 people dead. What a tragedy!

We hear of this all the time: Attacks on weddings, funerals and other events where people are merely trying to celebrate life when around them there is nothing but fear, hatred and death. Despite our criticisms of America, at least we can live in relative confidence that our family and friends are safe from such atrocities – our children are safe.

Still, there is emotions that sit well below the attachments of family and friends. Whether people agree or not, we are all a part of the big picture – this immense Universe that creates everything – Setting Dogma aside, I do not care what religion or cult you are affiliated with, blowing up innocent people at a funeral has got to be the farthest thing from trying to better yourself and achieve some form of enlightenment or nirvana. From the deepest and most intimate corners of my soul, I feel killing people indiscriminately is an action that takes a person the farthest away from reaching any form of bliss or self-actualization. It shows their own innate fear and lack of love at unimaginable levels. People like this are sick and they are the reason we as a collective humanity cannot reach our evolutionary potential beyond the hate and fear that shrouds our planet. It makes me sick…

On occasion I will be weighing in on the things in life that really yank my chain. I am trying to not be negative – just heard… People need to know that there is another path out there… That re-born religious leaders , crazy politicians and zealous nuts need to be called out. LOL… this will not be my last rant 🙂

John C. Bader


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