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This was in the news recently – even on our local Chicago channels and in the local papers: Are Organic Foods Healthier? I wonder who financed this study because the news piece starts off rather negative and knowing the short attention span of the average TV viewer, one could walk away from this dissemination of info with the wrong interpretation.

Maybe you saw the headlines: “Paying more per pound for organic doesn’t promise fresher produce, says a new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine. In fact, when it comes to nutrition, organic and conventional fruits and vegetables are about the same, the Stanford University study reveals.”

Is that really the point of organic food???

Later during the news piece; when the average American TV viewer has already made up their mind and is foraging in the pantry for high fructose corn sugar snacks; the article gets to the true point of why we should buy organics: “When researchers looked at multiple studies comparing organic and conventional produce, they found organic produce was 30 percent less likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues. Pesticides aren’t widely used in organic farming—though they are used. Seven percent of organic food tested had some contamination, says senior study author Dena Bravata, M.D., research affiliate for Stanford University.”

30% percent less likely to be contaminated with pesticides? That seems like a poor percentage! Are they growing most organics next to Monsanto fields? I don’t get it…

Here is a link to the article – you decide – and your comments are welcome!

Are Organic Foods Healthier?


John C. Bader


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Eat better and you will evolve…

Now that February is just around the corner, there is a good chance that many of you have already blown those New Year’s resolutions. If you made it this far, then congratulations! For those of you that fell short again; well, its okay, most of us do. Still, it’s not too late to make lasting changes in our lives. We do not need the beginning of the calendar year to think about self-improvement. One great place to start right now is our diet.

Do you eat fast food several times a week? How about frozen microwave dinners? Do you drink pop or soft drinks on a regular basis?

STOP IT! You are killing yourself slowly but surely. Do you want to respect yourself? Okay then, stop putting crap in your body! Research shows cancer and diabetes are directly related to diet. True some of us have better genes than others, but over time, ingesting processed foods will shorten your life. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of wellness. They are in the business of treating symptoms.  Symptoms like allergies, cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart burn and diabetes – all of which are all food related in most circumstances.

Anything processed like lunch meats, hot dogs and sausage are manufactured with chemicals and nitrates. Most fast food is prepared with preservatives that are synthetic and dangerous in large doses. Fast food is also high in saturated fat and salt with very little nutritional value.  Artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn sugar are found in most convenience foods from soda pop, cookies and crackers; from granola bars to even applesauce and juice. Frozen dinners are high in sulphates and artificial flavors and are also lacking of nutrients. Here is a list of food items to limit in your diet:

  • Canned foods with large amounts of sodium or fat
  • Packaged high-calorie snack foods such as chips and candies
  • Frozen meat and frozen dinners that are high in sodium
  • Packaged cakes and cookies
  • Boxed meal mixes that are high in fat and sodium
  • Drinks with artificial sweeteners
  • Sugary breakfast cereals
  • Processed meats
  • Fast Food
  • Foods with high fructose corn sugar

Not all processed foods are bad. Frozen, unsweetened fruit is not bad, nor is frozen, unsalted veggies. All processed or packaged foods are healthier if it is “All Natural” or even better, “Organic”. YOU NEED TO READ LABELS! Do not buy foods with “high fructose corn sugar” or excessive amounts of sodium. Also, if you have never heard of or have a hard time pronouncing an ingredient, odds are your body will not know what to do with it either.

Focus on more fruits and vegetables. Hey, I used to hate veggies and I never had time to eat fresh fruit. For me the solution was juicing. Limit your dairy products and also your meat. We should not be eating slabs of meat for our meals. If you eat meat, it should be part of a balanced meal – not the main event. Start with something like frozen dinners and slowly make a shift in your diet choices. Replace the bad, convenient choices with healthy empowering choices. It is okay if you take your time – any change is a good change. Soon you will crave good food and be able to taste the chemicals in convenience food. It is also okay to indulge – trust me, everything in moderation is fine; but when we rush through life and do not read labels and live off of processed food day after day; there is a toll waged on our wellness. Do you want to love yourself? then show your body that you care – watch what you eat.

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Eat better, feel better and lose weight – it is part of the evolutionary path we need to follow to be happier people.


John C. Bader


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