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To love is to suffer

To suffer is to feel

To feel is to be present

Yet love is undeniable

Its influence exceeds all ills

It is hate, grief and guilt that slays

It is compassion and clarity

that bears the promise of energy and space

To suffer is to love

So find your center

Away from the bitter cold

Celebrate and empower;

to bloom like a flower

John C. Bader





The sun rises after an evening of revelry

Its brilliance ablaze like diamonds on the ocean that surrounds me

Anticipation and change waft in the air

and thus a new calendar year begins

Old memories fade in the vestibules of the mind

and so the saying goes… out with the old and in with the new

Words and resolutions drift off in the boundless periphery of the psyche

New experiences are born which drive the quality of our existence

Our resolution is love, light and karma

A conduit which links our connection to energy and the Cosmos

All that exists interwoven in this tapestry of knowing

A gift of intuition and clarity

Sensitivity and responsiveness

A birth of renaissance

On this first day in January

On an island in the blue

My love for life rekindled

As I move on renewed

 Happy New Year!

John C. Bader



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