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It is hard to believe

It seems so long ago


New Years

And now the travel home

Healing trade winds

Unfettered coastline



Canyons abound

Fond memories intertwine

in the vines of my consciousness

As the final clouds float by

My adventure near done

To have visited something so amazing

Its vibrant sunset fleeting

Gone is the moment

Born is the inspiration

Living in the present

Ever so aware

It is the gift of the future

Responsiveness in the air


It is time to head home today. Thank you Kauai for the inspiration and energy. This is a special place!


John C. Bader




Patience is the quality of endurance one can take before reaching a level of negativity.

I suppose patience is trying to sit in one place on an airplane for 10 hours to reach the western outer reaches of Hawaii. 15 hours of airports and travel can wear on anyone I suppose.

Patience is trying to get a wireless internet signal in Hanapepe, Kauai. I had to walk down the rock strewn driveway, navigating chickens and thorns to post this blog.

Patience is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast. I think this part of the definition is important.  It is one thing when my son is asking a myriad of questions as I try to concentrate and write. No, steadfast patience refers to our ability to complete a process of development and evolution: To exercise and eat well even though it is easier to meddle in mediocrity.  To meditate for 2 hours this morning under the pressures and rigors of roosters cawing in surround sound outside my window – that is steadfast resolve! To make lasting decisions and changes in our lives that will bring betterment to 2012 – this is my focus as I countdown to New Years.

So, I guess the first lesson actualized here on the Island of Kauai is patience.

This sunset photo sequence is a great example of patience…

Sunset last night at Salt Pond

wait for it…

…and so it seems the gift of patience is capturing the rarity of the “green flash” on film…

John C. Bader


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