The US elections are just around the corner and America is poised to vote this November 6th.  That is my 13th wedding Anniversary by the way… The Presidential election is the marquee headliner – Obama vs. Romney – I am surprised it is not pay-per-view. I think it would be fun to see them wrestle or chase each other around a WIPEOUT course…

Just kidding… sort of…

As for our foreign friends – and I am grateful that I have many on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter; enjoy the train wreck that unfolds as our government and election system belches up a sideshow and we vote in another corporate pawn.  It should be interesting to say the least.

Here is the real reason for this post:

Do you know what I find mildly irritating? People voting for the wrong candidate – let me explain. There are those out there that grew up in a Democratic or Republican household and continue to vote that way as if it is in their genes; without really understanding or caring for the issues and challenges America faces. Kind of like George Bush. Lets face it the Democratic party is not the face of Kennedy and the Republican party is not the face of Reagan anymore – things have changed – definitions have changed too.

Then there are those that vote because they want to be part of a particular club or political party – but really their assets, economic status, needs wants and desires are more geared to another political party. “Oh, I would never vote for that guy”…   oh god forbid you actually vote for a candidate or party that is more focused on your struggles.

I see this more often than not.

Now, I know each candidate has their issues, shortcomings and strengths. I agree we are too polarized and in some ways the whole government/political system is fundamentally flawed – much like religion…LOL

Still, it is our obligation as US citizens to first educate ourselves on what issues matter most intimately for your family, your future and your family’s future – so make the effort and vote for the right person – especially you younger generations!

I know which corporate pawn I am voting for… do you?

John C. Bader